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a preacher of the Christian gospel

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For social gospeler Washington Gladden, an AEA charter member, respect for individual liberty was "a radical defect in the thinking of the average American." Woodrow Wilson thought that government itself was "a living thing" and that the idea of divided government was outdated.
Social gospelers rejected this view of the place of Christian conversion in the process of Christianizing the social order.
It was rather ironic, then, that the profound sense of loss in the pop world at Cooke's death mirrored the gospelers' reaction seven years earlier when the young vocalist began, as they saw it, to betray his heritage by trifling with pop seductions that appropriated, trivialized and even blasphemed the music meant to uplift and heal the soul.
Baptists in Texas, as elsewhere in the South, felt that "social gospelers" of the North had chosen to focus on corporate regeneration and the correction of social ills at the expense of individual regeneration through salvation.
Pastorello commits a good deal of space to explaining and describing just who the Progressives were--a diverse group, indeed--muckrakers, social gospelers, social and settlement house workers, club women, labor leaders, and socialists, among others.
Telling such tales amounts to passing along "sacred stories," which were told by reenactor/ gospelers. These ritual stories often contain guiding principles for the reenactor and relate to participants as much as to the cultural archetypes, which they worship.
In the most important of his early books, Moral Man and Immoral Society, (31) Niebuhr rejected the optimism of the social gospelers and their mainline Protestant heirs and scored their then-pervasive pacifism as naive and disingenuous.
173-97, especially 173-75; Michael Winship, "Weak Christians, Backsliders, and Carnal Gospelers: Assurance of Salvation and the Pastoral Origins of Puritan Practical Divinity in the 1580s," Church History, 70 (2001), pp.
Beginning in the 1960s, many African-American, feminist, and liberation theologians echoed the arguments of Social Gospelers that Christians must work primarily to establish a just society on earth rather than help individuals get to heaven.
To what extent did the black gospelers articulate any concerns in this connection?
Gary Dorrien points out, Rauschenbusch and his fellow Social Gospelers
This is not surprising as post-war civil libertarian associations had in their leadership as well as in their rank and file many of the social democrats, unionists and Social Gospelers who, like, Sybil Shack, had embraced the cause in the 1930s.
Winship sees the rhetoric of temporary faith rising from practical attempts on the part of the godly, not only to threaten "carnal gospelers," but to account for them to the rest of the godly community, 468-469.
Gospelers, looking back through the lens of the empty tomb in which Joseph and Nicodemus had laid Jesus, will see another.
Certainly, a medley of social gospelers, settlement-house workers, civil-service advocates, and muckraking reporters helped to expose and clean up the worst aspects of Gilded Age rule.