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a preacher of the Christian gospel

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For social gospeler Washington Gladden, an AEA charter member, respect for individual liberty was "a radical defect in the thinking of the average American.
This is why even the late Yoder's views should not be confused with the liberal optimism of the (popular level) social gospelers whom the Niebuhrs and Yoder share in criticizing.
Beginning in the 1960s, many African-American, feminist, and liberation theologians echoed the arguments of Social Gospelers that Christians must work primarily to establish a just society on earth rather than help individuals get to heaven.
To what extent did the black gospelers articulate any concerns in this connection?
This is not surprising as post-war civil libertarian associations had in their leadership as well as in their rank and file many of the social democrats, unionists and Social Gospelers who, like, Sybil Shack, had embraced the cause in the 1930s.
Winship sees the rhetoric of temporary faith rising from practical attempts on the part of the godly, not only to threaten "carnal gospelers," but to account for them to the rest of the godly community, 468-469.
Gospelers, looking back through the lens of the empty tomb in which Joseph and Nicodemus had laid Jesus, will see another.
Certainly, a medley of social gospelers, settlement-house workers, civil-service advocates, and muckraking reporters helped to expose and clean up the worst aspects of Gilded Age rule.
Stebner explores the many contributions of middle and upper class white women Social Gospelers in Canada through their work in settlement houses, missions and deaconess societies.
Later, evangelicals, liberal Social Gospelers, Pentecostals, modernists and Niebuhrian realists (Fox, a historian at the Univer-sity of Southern Calif-ornia; previously wrote a biography of Protestant "neo-orthodox" theologian Reinhold Niebuhr) all vied for cultural authority in a contentious religious marketplace pervaded by images of Jesus as personal savior.
Though the next generation was accepting the basic tenets of the social gospel, Rauschenbusch was aware of the widening gap that existed between social gospelers and conservatives espousing traditional Christianity.
Religion hardly intrudes in The Yearling, nor are there "social gospelers," as would have been found in Northern cities of the time, or masculine clubs such as the Masons, the Red Men, or the Odd Fellows.
For the left, the burden of the past that Morone illuminates is that Social Gospelers have always been on the defensive in a religious culture where individualism reigns.
That "social gospelers condemned the luxurious life as immoral and sinful paganism" (p.
Bellamy himself acknowledged their influence when he reported "that he received enthusiastic support and encouragement from the social gospelers.