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(British informal) lacking intelligence and vitality


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Shock and Awe (2007-08), updating these methods of photo-collage for the 21st century through digital technology, presents a gormlessly grinning Tony Blair as a wannabe Texan cowboy.
But, instead of standing there gormlessly, why don't you climb into the loft and fetch the rest of our Christmas decorations?
Though I will not in the least miss opening the paper on a Sunday to see me gormlessly striking yet another ridiculous pose and for that I can only apologise to you all.
A mixture of satire and cautionary tale about a bloated, decadent society that--in the director's interpretation--literally eats the fabulously rich and gormlessly trusting title character alive, the bleak-toned "Timon" resonates with our credit-crunched times.
The way in which rugby traipses gormlessly along in the footprints of its bigger brother, Association Football, is an irritation to most followers of the union code.
Beyond that, however, this preposterous statement both reminds us how, as Charles Reagan Wilson has noted, "southern whites [have] frequently used place to indicate the status of blacks," and gormlessly recalls the old racist gag: "we used to trust Indians, but now we have our reservations." (11)
Wayne Rooney, the youngster praised to the high heavens for his performance on the pitch, was one of those who just looked gormlessly at the cameras, not bothering to make a stab at it.
Thibault's death in 1913, Jacques gormlessly gets himself killed attempting to airdrop pacifist tracts over the front lines of World War I.
And the Australian middle order appeared spooked by the procession, notably skipper Tim Paine, who pulled Broad gormlessly to Rory Burns at deep square leg.
For the record it was held up for three first-half minutes as half-a-dozen or so interlopers - who had no doubt recovered from their tortuous M25 safari with a liquid brunch at The Half Moon - supplemented their repertoire of caustic anti-Sisu chants by hopping over the barriers and gormlessly gambolling around the pitch before being escorted off by the stewards.
Behind the bank of flashing cameras which captured this Shankly grave-spinning image, their frat brat sons, new red woollen scarves sitting uneasily on stiff suits, stared gormlessly at photos of Liverpool's past glories.
And, because of them, I have, on the odd occasion acted gormlessly too.
SO THERE I am, standing gormlessly at crossroads in Dublin 15 in the damp and cold, raining down curses on Google Maps, which are surely the very spawn of Satan, feeling at this point that I'd sell my soul to the devil for a good, old-fashioned black cab with a driver who wants to declare war on Egypt and have UKIP win the election by a landslide.
Such a disappointing and unexpected start to the season has deflated the heady optimism with which we ended las st season faster than the ESPN handlers could manage as they struggled gormlessly to collapse their helium advertising balloon before kick-off on Monday night.