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"(mis)adventures in Gormandizing" includes stylistically diverse dances that attempt to manipulate and question traditional conventions of theatricality and performance, the students say.
To read her--the prodigal literary gifts, the fearsome productivity, the emotional gormandizing,
We may then well call them barbarous in regard of reason's rules, but not in respect of us that exceed them in all kind of barbarism." Hospita likewise focuses narrowly on her daughter's "sight of a roasted chicken" to the exclusion of perhaps greater temptations "when the proper season for her debut arrives": "The first hint I gave her upon the subject, I could see her recoil from it with the same horror with which we listen to a tale of Anthropophagism." If Elia, the obtuse narrator, values only the sensual physical pleasures of gormandizing, Lamb, the more reflective autobiographer, examines in the new romantic spirit the broader ramifications of cookery--his personal affiliations and temptations, his cultural and moral anxieties, and the depravities of history itself.
In the gormandizing style of Elia, King's synopsis of the cookbook catches precisely the sort of culinary lavishness Lamb used in "Roast Pig." Of Heliogabalus, King writes: "And, it seems, under his Administration a Person that found out a new Soup might have as great a Reward as Drake or Dampier might expect for finding a new Continent.
- is that if the oxygen of temptation is cut, a culture of gormandizing surely cannot feast so easily.
But let me banquet with old Homer's jolly gods and heroes, revel with the Mahometan houris, or gain admission into the savoury sanctorum of the gormandizing priesthood, snuff the fumes from their altars, and gorge on the fat of lambs.
Pipchin's dreams of once again gormandizing while her students wither with hunger ("there is a snaky gleam in her hard grey eye, as of anticipated rounds of buttered toast, relays of hot chops" [700]) cohere to remind us that the "house" and "hospitality" are, in the economy of human relationship, works of sensibility not intentionality.
Addressed to the Radical Reformers (1821), a prison work denouncing "gormandizing assemblies" of affluent reformists from the perspective of artisans like himself.
'Menton, 1921' is a chapter devoted to Raymond Roussel's verbal and actual gormandizing which attempts to place him in Conder's seascape by way of his beach poem 'La Vue' and a few verbal tourniquets applied by the author; it concludes with a high-flying meditation on strangulation, suicide, and Roussel's strangulated sexual suicide.
That which is contained in the Pacific |can't~ lie in the hollow of the Caspian--that which was in Miltons head could not find room in Charles the seconds--he like a Moon attracted Intellect to its flow--it has not ebbed yet--but has left the shore pebble all bare--I mean all Bucks Authors of Hengist and Castlereaghs of the present day--who without Miltons gormandizing might have been all wise Men.(26)