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Italian blue cheese

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I have opted for a combination of toppings that I know work well together - the salty tang from the Gorgonzola pairs beautifully with the ripe sweet figs and the air-dried Parma ham rounds off this bruschetta perfectly.
Other names include "Czech beer", "Norman camembert", "Kalamata", "gorgonzola", "Dutch edam", "Dutch gouda" and others.
Their favorite item to order could be found across the street at a restaurant that served spaghetti with a leek and gorgonzola sauce.
class="MsoNormalThe homemade ravioli is filled with ricotta cheese and spinach, and is served with either pomodoro e basilica, burro e salvia or gorgonzola sauce.
To assemble, layer up the sauce and pasta sheets in a large baking dish, adding little blobs of mozzarella, Gorgonzola and the remaining Taleggio as you go, finishing with a final layer of sauce.
The processing technology determines whether the cheese is raw (Robiola, Mozzarella, Crescenza, Gorgonzola etc), semi-cooked where the curd is cooked at 48AC (Asiago, Fontina, Italico etc), cooked where the curd is cooked at over 48AC (Grana Padano, Parmigiano-Reggiano, Montasio, Bitto etc), molded (or "blue") where the cheese is obtained from milk intentionally inoculated with mold spores which grow inside the cheese body and help ripen it through specific enzymatic activities (Gorgonzola, Castelmagno etc).
For my dinner, Karla prepared a raclette station alongside a selection of cheeses: manchego, gruyere, brie, gorgonzola, and delicious truffle cream cheese spread with honey.
Ingredients rotate on the big, beautiful board at SOCIAL EATERY ft BAR, but usually include two kinds of salami, ham, capacolla and mortadella along with Brie, Parmesan, fontina and Gorgonzola cheeses.
Baked Sweet Potatoes with Cranberry Gorgonzola Gremolata (Makes 6 servings)
Add in the Gorgonzola, then the Parmigiano and whip until the cheese is bound with the starch and looks really creamy, then add in the butter (25g or to taste).
Elizabeth wrote: "This said affair is a blob of the original mould of penicillin, not to be confused with Gorgonzola cheese!!!" The son of Mr and Mrs Bax, who declined to be identified, said: "The penicillin was often shown to family and friends."
These boiled-then-baked potato wedges from longtime Observer columnist and BBC host Nigel Slater's newest book, ''Eat: The Little Book of Fast Food'' (Ten Speed Press, $27.99), fit the bill with a smoky crisp bacon crumble and pungent Gorgonzola cream sauce.
The line includes Blue, Feta and Gorgonzola Crumbles, Gorgonzola and Blue Cheese Packs, Blue Cheese Center Cut, Blue Cheese and Gorgonzola Crafted Wheels aged at least 100 days.
Pick salami is a Hungaricum, a uniquely Hungarian producta counterpart to such nationally specific products as French Champagne, English Stilton, or Italian Gorgonzola. It's available in nearly every Hungarian food shop, and the logo is proudly worn by the handball team in Szeged, the town where it is produced.