gorgonian coral

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corals having a horny or calcareous branching skeleton

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Hwang et al., "Echinoclerodane A: a new bioactiveclerodane-typediterpenoid from a gorgonian coral Echinomuricea sp," Molecules, vol.
observ.) in the GOA indicate that juvenile red rockfish of the size encountered in 2001 can occupy a wide variety of habitat types, including other species of sponge, gorgonian coral colonies, and interstices between cobbles and boulders.
Clonal propagation and population dynamics of a gorgonian coral. Ecology 71:1578-1589.
Plasticity in the sclerites of a gorgonian coral: tests of water motion, light level, and damage cues.
For example, the sclerites in the gorgonian coral Briareum asbestinum act as skeletal support, conferring great stiffness and providing resistance to deformation (Wainwright et al., 1976; Koehl, 1982; Palumbi, 1986).
Chemical defense of embryos and larvae of a West Indian gorgonian coral, Briareum asbestinum.
Egg production by colonies of a gorgonian coral. Mar.
West (1997, 1998) showed that sclerite production was induced in response to simulated predator damage in the common gorgonian coral Briareum asbestinum.
Use of fluorescence microscopy in an assay of sperm density for the gorgonian coral Plexaura kuna.
Allo-immune responses of the gorgonian coral, Swiftia exserta.
The nuclear rDNA array, particularly the internal transcribed spacer (ITS) regions, has been used for systematics and for reconstructing phylogenetic relationships in scleractinian corals (Lopez and Knowlton, 1997; Odorico and Miller, 1997; Medina et al., 1999; van Oppen et al., 2000; Diekmann et al., 2001; Chaolun et al., 2004; Frade et al., 2010; Filatov et al., 2013) and Gorgonian corals (Grajales et al., 2007).
(11,12) The most common gorgonian corals are diterpenes.
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