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corals having a horny or calcareous branching skeleton

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Even at these depths there is plenty to see, including black corals and more giant gorgonians.
The majority of these taxa (85) are primnoids, gorgonians, stony corals, and octocorals, all of which provide vertical relief over the trawlable habitats we sampled, and a few are among the tallest biogenic structures that occur in the Aleutian Islands (e.g., Primnoa willeyi can reach 3 m in height).
loki, Great Barrier Reef, Linnet Reef, west side of reef, 6-15 m, from the gorgonian Ellisella quadrilineata, caught by hand, H.
Pawlik, "A reappraisal of the chemical and physical defenses of Caribbean gorgonian corals against predatory fishes," Marine Ecology Progress Series, vol.
Three diterpenes isolated from Eunicea fusca, a gorgonian coral native to Florida, were found to have superior anti-inflammatory effects to those of indomethacin, a commonly used anti-inflammatory medication [15].
Tying both products together is well-studied anti-inflammatory, anti-redness and anti-irritant Sea Whip Extract, or more technically, Gorgonian extract.
Additional sculptures include "Phoenix,O the first kinetic sculpture in the MUSA collection, which is based on a female form whose wings are propagated with living purple gorgonian fan coral, and "The Listener,O which portrays a lone figure that is assembled entirely from casts of human ears molded during a workshop of local Cancun students.
MATERIALS Manzanita branches, scallop shells, pink rock quartzy, sea fans (gorgonian), hot glue.
Because I've already done all that before, during the winter of 1989 and 1990, when an epidemic of indignation spread through Eastern Europe and the Soviet Union, and then again in 1991 and 1997, when the Bulgarian Communist Party and its Gorgonian successor finally lost their suffocating grip on power.
5[alpha], 8[alpha]-Epidioxysterols from the gorgonian Eunicella cavolini and the ascidian Trididemnum inarmatum: Isolation and evaluation of their antiproliferation activity.
Flying with the fast water flow, we raced past a forest of brightly coloured giant gorgonian fans and traversed through a labyrinth of large volcanic boulders.
Identification and characterization of the pseudopterosin diterpene cyclase, elisabethatriene synthase, from the marine gorgonian, pseudopterogorgia elisabethae.
The most spectacular was Gorgonian pink-white sea fans.
Yet this single species of sea snail, no bigger than a postage stamp, has an insatiable appetite for gorgonians. This predator inflicts damage to more gorgonian colonies per year than even the most destructive hurricane.