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a shoemaker who married his Masters daughter' might have represented an alternative 'The Gentle Craft', in which Crispianus goes to war wearing a gorget and Crispin clandestinely marries the master shoemaker's daughter.
Gorgurer] 1219, 1220, Gorgeur 1221, Goriurer 1230, gorgerer 1293 (gorgerer [from gorger] 'an armorer who makes or sells gorgets' MED, gorglr [OF gorgiere] '(a) piece of armor covering the front of the neck, a gorget' 1312 MED); Gravayler 1393 (graveler [from gravel] '?a dealer in gravel or sand, ?a workman who spreads gravel' MED, gravel [OF gravel(e] 'sand' 1225 MED); Graysman 1297, Gresman 1319 ('a seller of grease' Reaney; grease (gres, greis, greys) [OF graisse, greisse, gresse mod.F.
Amazing memories that I will never gorget. Party in paradise.
Fontana's Borghese Minerva Dressing contains the traditional attributes associated with the clothed goddess--including an olive branch or tree, an owl, and military attire with a cuirass or coat of mail, a gorget, a helmet, a shield, and a lance.
His portrait depicts him wearing Iowa honours showing his status - bear claw necklace, shell gorget, buffalo robe and an eagle feather.
Harquebusiers were normally mounted on smaller horses and garbed in helmet; gorget; breast and backplates; and buff coats and armed with flintlock or wheellock harquebuses/carbines, pistols and swords.
The other surprise was the strong Asian interest, with Asian buyers for the Van der Ast and one Coorte, as well as the top lot, the 1626-27 Rembrandt painting A man in a gorget and cap, bought for 8.4m [pound sterling].
"A Bust of a Man in a Gorget and Cap" by Rembrandt and dated 1626/7 is set to sell for 8-12 million pounds.
Christie's also unveiled the famous 17th century Dutch artist Rembrandt's realistic portrait titled 'A bust of a man in a gorget and cap' worth around ?12 million, which crowns The Pieter & Olga Dreesmann Collection of Dutch Old Master Paintings and which would be offered on sale in Christie's forthcoming auction in London in July.
Basics A BUST of a Man in a Gorget and Cap (below) is dated 1626-1627 and is expected to sell for pounds 8million to pounds 12million.
The 17th-century masterpiece, entitled A Bust Of A Man In A Gorget And Cap, will be offered alongside 14 other works by Dutch painters of the era, known as the Golden Age.
The painting, entitled A Bust Of A Man In A Gorget And Cap, will be offered alongside 14 other works by Dutch painters of the era, known as the Golden Age.
Tummers cites as examples three previously contested small copper paintings of around 1630 that are now given to the young Rembrandt--the Laughing Man in a Gorget (Royal Picture Gallery Mauritshuis, The Hague), Old Woman Praying (Residenzgalerie, Salzburg), and a Self-Portrait (The National Museum of Fine Arts, Stockholm).