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someone who eats food rapidly and greedily


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Keeping up tradition 'I left school two years ago when I was 11, and I was over the moon because I didn't get on with the gorgers (non-travellers),' says Roseanne, as she wipes down the glitzy cupboard doors.
Camera (color), Ed Myers; editors, Jeff Cooper, Todd Salt; music, Railroad Earth; production designer, Devaughn Hughson; sound, Mark gorger; assistant director, Hughson; casting, Dougan.
Box 358, Gorger, TX 79007 Phone: 806-275-3743, 800-696-4240 Fax: 808-275-3585
Dietrich KN, Krafft KM, Bornschein RL, Hammond PB, Gorger O, Succop PA, et al.
NONAGRAM: AGGRESSOR' aggro' arose' eggar' ergo' gasser' gear' goer' gore' gorge' gorger' gorse' grass' grog' gross' ogre' ogress' rage' rager' rare' rase' rear' roar' roger' rose' sagger' sarge' sear' soar' sora' sore.