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For to the eyes of all the Utopians, except very few, which had been in other countries for some reasonable cause, all that gorgeousness of apparel seemed shameful and reproachful; in so much that they most reverently saluted the vilest and most abject of them for lords; passing over the Ambassadors themselves without any honour; judging them by their wearing of golden chains to be bondmen.
Cheyne moved nervously between his own extravagant gorgeousness and the naked necessity of the combination, an unlit cigar in his teeth, till the pitying crews forgot that he was their tribal enemy, and did their best to entertain him.
The aspect of one and all of them dissatisfied him; their gorgeousness seemed fierce, passionate, and even unnatural.
These days, I spend a great deal of my life like an owl, swivelling my head as the next box of gorgeousness accelerates past me, trying to guess what it might be before I see it.
Globetrotter gorgeousness If it looks handmade and like you've picked it up on your worldly travels, then you've nailed this new season trend.
The company has introduced its entry level king Realme C1, a smart phone which looks more expensive than it is because of its superficially attractive backing and notched screen that cannot ever seen on an entry-level handset this is why the Realme C1 is appealing most of the people however the phone has gorgeousness performance.
With an IWC (International Wine Challenge) Gold medal under its belt, among other accolades, you can happily expect to find the finesse, purity of flavour, brioche and honeycomb nuances, crisp acidity and all-round gorgeousness you'd usually associate with a top-notch label.
In jest, Senator Nancy Binay attributed her high ranking in the latest Pulse Asia survey to her gorgeousness.
She brings so much gravitas and gorgeousness to the song.
"A low number of anti-fans, naivety, and gorgeousness are part of her forte that make people fantasize about her," a J.Estina official said, calling her "ideal" for a corporate model.
Together with an invitation to indulge in some of the real gorgeousness of winter, by the fireside, a favourite record playing, glass in hand, it could also be described as 'The Introvert's Guide to Christmas.'.
I love watching her, she oozes gorgeousness and sex appeal.
The winning entry, Gorgeousness in a Pot, from St Benedict's team of 11-14 year olds, was based on the "Green Geranium" brief and has earned its Design and Technology department a cheque for PS250, while the students involved in designing the packaging were rewarded with PS100 of High Street vouchers.
Of course, everything she says sounds a little bit naughty ("Squeeze of lime," ooer!), as she describes her latest dish as a "big heap of gorgeousness".
As a devoted chocoholic, I'll admit I had my doubts, but as I took a spoonful of the warm, gooey gorgeousness any doubts evaporated.