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Synonyms for gorge

Synonyms for gorge

to satisfy to the full or to excess

Synonyms for gorge

a deep ravine (usually with a river running through it)

Related Words

a narrow pass (especially one between mountains)


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Everything had to be lowered by crane," from a cliff overlooking the gorge approximately 150 ft (45.7 m) above the river.
Each Groupe Gorge ADR represents one ordinary share and trades over-the-counter under the symbol (OTC: GGRGY).
He was in an intoxicated state when he fell into the gorge and a medical crew rushed to the stop immediately to rescue him.
* Swiss gorges survived glaciers: A new study has helped to close a long-running debate over the processes that formed steep inner gorges in the broad glacial valleys of the Swiss Alps.
"Gorge has had a year off, but he's working well and we're hopeful he'll show something like his best, although it will be his first look at these hurdles under racing conditions," said Cosgriff, who started training in Australia in 2006.
"It's really important that gorge walkers and canoeists get to know the environment they're enjoying so they can help preserve it."
Find out more at Gorge'' Us, tel 0151 644 8133, email ceri@gorge-us.
For the last three decades he has collected old photographs of the gorge, gradually building a unique collection of images that trace the history of one of the most iconic parts of Oregon.
For years the legend flew on and off campus about the administration blocking off the gorge bridges to prevent students from jumping off during midterms and finals.
Located at Kinsman Notch in North Woodstock, Lost River Gorge brings to life the power and beauty of nature with walking trails traversing a majestic gorge carved into the rock by glaciers more than 10,000 years ago, leaving behind "caves" of toppled boulders.
But Zachary Loughman of the Oglebay Institute in Wheeling, W.Va., explains that the group has been tracking a thug crayfish species that arrived as bait and is harassing the Potomac Gorge's three native crayfish species.
For Sunday there are two options: the Hood River tour will travel through the spectacular Columbia Gorge to Hood River, Oregon's prime tree fruit country.
Linville Gorge has great climbs that range from easy to hard; know your skill level before beginning any climb.
A Passport ticket, which allows entry into the 10 Ironbridge Gorge museums, costs pounds 13.25 for an adult and pounds 8.75 for each child.
MARY ROLLINS, considered a master of contemporary naturalism, creates intimate portrayals of the Columbia River Gorge, its tributaries, and wildlife.