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In this report, we provide evidence to support our contention that a pocket gopher hybrid zone previously thought to be approximately 10,000 years old, may actually be closer to 50 years old.
The database is extensive, if not exhaustive, given the constraints within which Gopher had to work; it comprises material from over one hundred sites.
Founded in 1946 in Eagan, Minnesota, Gopher Resource uses technology processes to recycle spent automotive, industrial, and stationary batteries.
The fossorial lifestyle of the southeastern pocket gopher suggests soil characteristics also may be important in defining suitable habitat.
Gopher was founded in March 2010 and has become one of the leading alternative asset managers in China, specializing in fund-of-funds management in the private equity, real estate, hedge funds, credit products and family office businesses.
bursarius gopher burrows and will venture into close proximity to the resident pocket gopher given that in both instances each species was collected in the same burrow.
Weinstock and Gallo Family Vineyards for access to property for pocket gopher trapping.
The gopher tortoise will dig deep burrows that it shares with several different animals, such as the gopher frog and various species of snakes.
Gopher feet are a pricey commodity in some Minnesota townships, paying about $3 for a pair of feet to control the rodent population that destroys farmers' fields.
The gopher seemed quite happy with his home, despite it being perilously close to the pad where astronauts blast off for the International Space Station.
Some traps are effective for larger animals but too big for gopher tunnels.
Key words: Botta's Pocket Gopher, cattle grazing, Great Gray Owl, meadows, Mountain Pocket Gopher, Sierra Nevada Mountains, Strix nebulosa, Thomomys bottae, Thomomys monticola
The Gophers in Farmer Burrows' Field demonstrates that clouds can, indeed, have linings of silver
Finally, we analyzed the spatial pattern of gopher mounds detected during this and three previous surveys in Indiana to delineate eight putative Indiana subpopulations.
THIS greedy great egret can't believe its luck as it gobbles up a gopher for a sneaky lunchtime snack.