gooseneck barnacle

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stalked barnacle that attaches to ship bottoms or floating timbers

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The general coverage (GC) method: To take into account the variability due to the patchiness and heterogeneous distribution of gooseneck barnacle populations, the coverage estimation method proposed in this study involves the estimation of a GC for each site or zone as follows.
By applying this regression model to the estimated GC, the gooseneck barnacle biomass (kg [m.sup.-2]) per square meter for each site and tidal level was obtained (Table 2).
The obtained relationship between coverage and biomass might support the gooseneck barnacle biomass and standing stock estimates obtained from the coverage data.
Apart from the protected area of Sonabia, Liencres and Arnia seem to be the least exploited zones and constitute the best fishing zones, as they present relatively elevated gooseneck barnacle coverages and a high proportion of commercial-sized individuals.
This approach successfully circumvented two important constraints faced by large-scale periodic population assessment studies: the highly heterogeneous distribution of the gooseneck barnacle populations and the limited availability of time for carrying out the surveys.
A system dynamics model for the management of the gooseneck barnacle (Pollicipes pollicipes) in the marine reserve of Gaztelugatxe (northern Spain).
Potential fishery for the gooseneck barnacle Pollicipes polymerus (Sowerby, 1833) in British Columbia.
Assessing the suitability of the minimum capture size and protection regimes in the gooseneck barnacle shellfishery.
In this study, a new procedure for the estimation of coverage, biomass, and standing stocks of gooseneck barnacles was explored with the objective of (1) alleviating the difficulties associated with field surveys and (2) being useful to carry out large-scale characterization of the populations of this species.
First, to convert the coverage (%) data into biomass (kg [m.sup.-2]) data, a nonlinear regression model was constructed using the coverage data of gooseneck barnacles within the samples and their corresponding biomass (FW) (Fig.
This study was the first to address the distribution variability of gooseneck barnacles in the Cantabria region (N Spain).
Both acorn and gooseneck barnacles are hermaphrodites--that is, each one contains both male and female reproductive organs.