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Synonyms for goon

a person who treats others violently and roughly, especially for hire

Synonyms for goon

an awkward stupid person

an aggressive and violent young criminal

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GoOn provides risk consulting for the entire consumer credit lifecycle, and has hundreds of customers in banking, retail, credit cards, student lending, insurance and real estate.
We know more about the Goon family laundry--which existed from about 1915 to 1952 in Portland's Woodfords Corner neighborhood--than any other Maine Chinese laundry.
During his investiture in front of the Queen and 4,000 guests at Caernarfon Castle in 1969, lifelong fan Prince Charles even weaved them into his speech, name-checking the "brave men, princes, poets, bards, scholars and great singers" Wales had produced through the ages, including one "very memorable Goon".
"There was obviously a lot of pain around his philandering and break ups of his marriages but still there was great affection there." Milligan and his first wife June I absolutely felt a connection to the other Goon children Andy Secombe (Marchinie) Marlow had three children Laura, Sean and Sile before divorcing in 1960 when he went on to have daughter Jane with second wife Patricia (Paddy) Ridgeway.
Sir Harrywasabig star in everysense of the word and was loved by millions (including Prince Charles) for his Neddie Seagoon role in The Goon Show during the '50s and '60s.
Bill Horsman, chairman of the Goon Show Preservation Society, said: 'News of the headstone is marvellous.
Darren: Team Goon's going to do a skateboard for us.
The treadmill created by the phenomenal success of The Goon Show (one programme a week for six-month periods) also severely damaged his mental health and he blamed his marital breakdown on this.
Another comic legend, Goon Show co-writer Eric Sykes, said: "Spike and I shared an office for nearly 50 years.
Yoko Ono once gave John Lennon around 40 hours of Goon Show tapes for his birthday and he even reviewed The Goon Show Scripts book in 1973 for the New York Times.
(1995/12) Goon Film4, 11.15pm Comedy starring Seann William Scott as a bouncer who is recruited by an ice hockey team, the Halifax Highlanders, as a 'goon' due to his aggressive personality.
HAPPY GILMORE ITV2 10PM Ice hockey goon Adam Sandler tees up at golf club greens in crude comic caper that aims HAPPY GILMORE ITV2 10PM Ice hockey goon Adam Sandler tees up at golf club greens in crude comic caper that aims low and hits the flag.
Canuck hockey pic "Goon" performed a rare feat at the local box office over the Feb.
But American Pie star Seann William Scott still managed to complete his new film Goon, in which he plays a bar room brawler who is hired to become a violent ice hockey player.
GOON 15 WITH The Iron Lady tailored for US audiences, Goon has equally been designed to appeal only to North Americans.