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If so, I will miss Dunham's big women, and the splendid and prurient goofiness of those paintings.
Kellogg's cannot confirm that story, but maintains that Milton was retired because his retro goofiness no longer resonates with kids today.
I'm speaking, of course, about goofiness. This isn't quite the same as humor, though the two naturally go together, and both should be mainlined daily.
There was, too -- especially in the closing "Suite from Carmen'' -- a certain manic goofiness to the proceedings (more on that later).
The cartoon illustrations engage with lots of action and goofiness.
It is hard to believe that an empathetic crusader and deep thinker would be interested in Maddie since her character development is composed of one instance of bravery amid scenes of goofiness with her girlfriends.
It's not the Labour leader's goofiness that appals me.
"I wanted to get rid of the jokiness, the goofiness. People aren't stopping by to hear me make noises -- they're here for the music, so I have to keep that basic step first and foremost in mind."
Penny's no-nonsense attitude is a perfect contrast to Rufus's goofiness. Hicks' art shines with big, bold panels packed with action and lush forest scenes.
One wonders if it will have the same je ne sais quoi of giggle-worthy goofiness this time around.
Maybe you're one of those people who have a gift for goofiness. Maybe one day you'll go to a school where you can study silliness.
That said, stability in government does not by any means suggest that it will be immune from just plain goofiness. Case in point: At midnight on December 31, apart from drinking Champagne and watching fireworks, everyone in Latvia was supposed to tot up his or her assets so that a declaration on same could be filed if the assets amount to a certain sum.
She reveals more quirky charm than her SNL caricatures can offer, but still allows her patented brand of inspired goofiness to shine through ever-so-slightly.
In recent years, the one bet I've been making with certainty--besides the wager that Sarah Palin's goofiness will continue to entertain America--is that the designers of the new memorial to Martin Luther King Jr.
I was born with what adults kindly referred to as "old soul's hands," which in the schoolyard translated to a regular inquiry from kids: "How come your hands look like an old lady's?" My feet, with their gap-toed goofiness, didn't fare much better.