freight elevator

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an elevator designed for carrying freight

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The spokeswoman con-firmed that the cost of replacing the lifts was about PS200,000, but said the authority did not accept that the goods lift was smaller than the one it replaced.
Station officer Danny Moynihan said the lift was a goods lift used by staff in the medical records office.
At Belgo Centraal, the mechanism of a mundane goods lift has been made the focus of invention.
Tenders are invited for operation Of Lifts in connection with Rmo 3 No Passenger And 1 No Goods Lift At Snb Agup Alld During 2015-16
A DELIVERY man has suffered serious neck and back injuries after being crushed by a goods lift at a Nuneaton bakers.
Tenders are invited for Supply, Installation, testing and commissioning Of 1 No 8 Passenger And 1 No Goods Lift In Connection With Replacement Of Old Outdated 2 Nos Passenger Lift And 1 No Goods Lift Of Goi Press Building At 3 Church Lane Kolkata 01
Tenders are invited for Rmo 3 No Passenger And 1 No Goods Lift At Snb Agup Alld During 2015-16 Sh- Operation Of Lifts
Using their successful Titan goods lift as the starting point, movemanSKG produced a lift that suited the application precisely.
Standing in total darkness in what appears to be a goods lift, it suddenly occurs to me I could be the victim of an elaborate practical joke.
She then escorted me to the staff goods lift and let me out on the first floor.
Halesowen lift company Husbands has won a contract to supply a 2,000 kg goods lift to Rowse Honey, the UK's largest honey processor.
Tenders are invited for Replacement Of Burnt Out Wiring By New Cable For Cutting Machine And Providing Operation Switch, Replacing Dbs For 2 Nos Goods Lift in connection with Rmo 3 Nos Goods Lift At 166 Dharmatala Street, Kolkata Dg.
The project will see Otis installing 14 main gearless passenger lifts, 2 traditional car park shuttle lifts, 3 Otis 2000 fire fighting lifts and 2 traditional 3000kg heavy-duty goods lifts.
Two goods lifts provide product movement between the bays.