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Synonyms for goodhearted

characterized by kindness and concern for others

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Lou (Michelle Wolff), a goodhearted boy-girl, is in love with Sassafras (Daniele Ferraro), who thinks they're just friends.
Think: Multiple Emmy-winner John Larroquette stars as a colorfully goodhearted cop-turned-attorney who takes only the toughest cases.
A special mention in the same category went to Deborah Day's Expecting, a goodhearted ensemble comedy about a group of friends who gather to participate in a buddy's childbirth.
There were four principals cast as the Widow's daughter, Lise, and the goodhearted, high-jumping hero, Colas.
Then why are we laughing at the spectacle of the fumbling, goodhearted, likable pedophile, as if he were a primer for the new Chaplinesque?
Even though she may need to lose a few pounds, she's goodhearted, smart and humorous and has learned to accept and love herself the way she is.
With the help of two goodhearted if tart-tongued neighbors, Cooper must stand up for himself in order to keep the farm and the life he loves.
Turner Trice's tightly woven story is told through the eyes of Herbert, husband to goodhearted, but distracted wife Thelma, and father of the troubled Robert "Pepper" Gray.
The lady who runs the ballet class at the union hall where Billy goes to learn boxing is, as are all English forces of life, portrayed by Julie Walters, outspokenly brassy but goodhearted deep down.
The job of selecting the gift usually falls to the meeting planner, a goodhearted soul who is smart enough to always be the planner, never the speaker.