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Synonyms for good-neighbourliness

a disposition to be friendly and helpful to neighbors

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The Republic of Macedonia appreciates this step by Bulgaria, considering it to be a demonstration of friendship and of the spirit of good-neighbourliness.
Good-neighbourliness and friendship, founded on the principles of respect for the territorial integrity and sovereignty of all countries in the Region and the readiness to cooperate in several areas of mutual interest, have resulted in intensive contacts at the highest political level.
The Arab League slammed the Iranian threats and irresponsible and reprehensible statements which represent a flagrant interference in Bahrain's internal affairs and a blatant violation of international conventions advocating good-neighbourliness between states.
He stressed the importance of respecting rule of law and principle of good-neighbourliness, calling upon GCC parliaments and Shura Councils to step up co-operation.
In statement issued today, the delegations called on the Iraqi government to build bridges of confidence trust with the neighbouring countries, refrain from any interference in the GCC states' internal affairs and respect the principles of good-neighbourliness towards consolidating the security and stability of the Arabian Gulf region.