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Synonyms for good-natured

Synonyms for good-natured

Antonyms for good-natured

having an easygoing and cheerful disposition

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GOOD-NATURED Jake will need to learn new owner's own sign language
This is a chubby, good-natured and bespectacled blond Graduate student
They are a good way to have some good-natured competition at your club, or a fun way to sharpen-up your own trigger-control skills trying to hit precise shots.
The Mid-Bedfordshire MP, who returned from Australian jungle on Monday, said she had had a "good-natured" meeting with Government Chief Whip Sir George Young.
The derby has sadly become a little tetchy in recent years, but Saturday's atmosphere was a return to the good old days of friendly rivalry and good-natured banter.
It was all good-natured fun but let's hope it doesn't spill over into other areas of televised sport and entertainment.
All you can do is pray for a decent barkeep, the good-natured type who keeps his head - and pours yours - while all around others are losing theirs.
YOUNG fans evaded tight security and staged a good-natured pitch invasion to salute their footballing heroes at Aston Villa's Family Open Day celebrations.
Mr Lockley failed to mention that West Mercia Police said the protest was 'good-natured'.
Northumbria Police put the protest estimate at more than 1,200 people and said it was an entirely good-natured event.
One fan, Socrates Georgiades, 37, said: "It was all good-natured fun.
He added: "Richard was good-natured, a little soft and a good, honest worker.
Marie steelmaker as a 'Boy Scout' in a national magazine cover story, Turcotte couldn't really argue about the good-natured dig.
Only the very secretive manage to turn 40, 50 or 60 without facing good-natured banter from their colleagues.