good turn

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Synonyms for good turn

Synonyms for good turn

a favor for someone


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Then they came hopping up to it, satisfied their hunger, and cried: 'We will remember you--one good turn deserves another
The pair made a good turn round the handler's post with a nice line up the first leg of the drive and safely through the gates and a good tight turn.
Bay equalise on 58 minutes when Danny Andrews made a good turn inside the box and riffled a blistering shot into the roof of the net.
Speaking to Gulf News, Rahul said: "I am delighted with my spell as I managed good turn at the 7evens ground turf wicket.
MOTHER can you lend me Thirty pund So me and him can Gan to the club the neet What do you mean you're Not a charity fund Ah' there's a good turn on So it should be a good Saturday neet And a bit of a laugh Will you also watch the bairns Give them Sunday Dinner And give them a bath Oh' you better give them Their school dinner money Ah' Howay mam I'm not being funny Ye naa I wouldn't ask it He's got a face on Like a wilted hanging basket We haven't been oot for ages I'll pay you back When we get wor wages What do you mean Divvent take a lend What do you think I'm asking Mother there's nee need to blow a gasket I naa it's only Saturday afternoon But I need something to wear So I'll have to gan ower the toon Ah' thanks mam see you soon The bairns will be ower the moon.
Volunteers from One Good Turn received the PS14,000 vehicle from Jonathan Wales, branch manager of the Halifax Bank in Woolshops, Halifax.
Bethany's good turn for Sarah doesn't end well when the nasty bullies who've been hassling her hurl insults at her and Harry.
Appearing on This Morning with Sue, Van Day said of the nursing home gigs: "There's no fees, there's some expenses paid, but we just thought we were doing a good turn, and then we get ridiculed.
A good turn never goes unpunished in Hollyoaks and sure enough, Teresa's attempt to do someone a good turn results in a shocking revelation when she discovers a bloodied shirt in Patrick's washing machine.
WILDLIFE enthusiasts have done a globe-trotting bird a good turn and helped to boost its numbers.
I WOULD like to wish the scumbags who pinched the bag of three T-shirts from the back of a disabled man's wheelchair at the Black Sabbath concert at the LG Arena a thought-provoking New Year, in which I hope you'll reflect upon your actions and have the decency to do a good turn for somebody else to make amends.
in herey Hughes said: "She showed a really good turn of foot.
He said: "I think he will come in and do us a good turn.
Either way, the good turn outs kept the brands and its local leaders smiling.
As a Boy Scout, "The slogan is to 'do a good turn daily,' and by replacing that flag, I was doing a good turn for America.