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And that he was a great professional, good temper and breed.
She was DNA tested and found to be a pure bred Siberian tiger and perfect for the programme, as she is strong, has a good temper and has many good characteristics, Christoforou said.
"There's no doubt, in the dressing room, even on the ice, even practices, he does have a temper - a good temper. He's demanding not just of himself, but everybody else around.
"These top athletes, whatever the discipline, everything they do is class," he says admiringly, the interview over, his bad knee forgotten, doing an impromptu rendition of the famous Clive Brittain victory dance on his office carpet out of sheer good temper. I catch Maureen's amused eye and ask whether he's always like this.
My husband has a pretty good temper and I thought he might actually hit this guy.
"He's a big dog but he's a big softie and he had a good temper and never gets cross.
Philip Lopate has called Prairie City, Iowa "one of the finest books about place." It is also a book about people: very particular people, like a mentally challenged man whom the whole town watches over not as a matter of altruism but as a matter of course; like the author's father, not particularly fond of farming, who labors hard year after year with admirable good temper. It is a book about work itself, as the author discovers in farming the "harshest qualities" of writing: "isolation, patience, planting with no assurance of a crop." He describes the work of turning the earth, sowing the seeds, picking the harvest, and storing the grain and corn with such vivid precision that I now feel I myself could operate a harrow.
He was known for his good temper, generosity, and decency.
Most of Tranmere's disappointment and frustration was directed at referee Ray Lewis, who made some contentious decisions and booked nine players in a game of generally good temper.
It is the best way to put oneself in a good temper and to find God again, without more ado."--Abbe de Tourville
Gary claims Anthony - who goes by the name Chico Importante when dancing - is bound to do well in the show because of his good temper and relaxed attitude.
According to an unsigned article in the Dictionary of National Biography, Henry Cole had an 'imperturbable good temper' and 'generally succeeded in getting his own way'.
NEW CONCEPT: Lachlan's good temper is put to the test
"Any man may be in good spirits and good temper when he's well dressed," according to Charles Dickens' Martin Chuzzlewit.
Mike drove the whole time and was always in good temper, which can be a valuable stabilizing force on any trip.