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an account of an amusing incident (usually with a punch line)

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"Never mind, it will be a good story to tell sometime," remarked the Story Girl with relish.
Everyone loves a good story. A good story can connect us.
To create F&B venues that will last, restaurateurs should aim to "tell a good story", MMAC Design Associates founding partner Christian Merieau told the Hotelier Middle East Great GM Debate 2018.
This beautiful story about acceptance, understanding and getting along with those that you thought were your enemy, is simple, elegant and powerful, relaying a strong (and in the current climate) very important message in a way that young readers can begin to understand; yet not taking away from their enjoyment of a good story. Teachers and librarians, parents too, can use this book as a tool to help children understand the importance of acceptance and also to encourage children to love a good story, well told and sumptuously illustrated.
Sales and marketing director Marlyn Boal said: "Everybody loves a good story and books are an excellent tool for learning and development, as well as capturing the imagination of readers of all ages.
Marlyn Boal, sales and marketing director at Stewart Milne Homes, said:"Everybody loves a good story and books are an excellent tool for learning and development as well as capturing the imagination of readers of all ages.
It's a good story with a good message, but it's a good story first and foremost.
The Welsh are famous for our ability to tell a good story. We can grab an audience, and take them on a rollercoaster journey, tackling every emotion on our way in a matter of minutes.
Talking to reporter here on Friday, he said that now films are being produced on unique subjects and intresting stories, adding that apart from good story, the best music, songs and selection of artists according to their roles are also requirements to make the film a success.
Deftly written by Adam Lehrhaupt and charmingly illustrated by Magali Le Huche, "This Is A Good Story" is an inspiring new picture book for children ages 4 to 8 that takes apart the pieces of a story (hero, heroine, setting, conflict) and asks young readers to put the story back together again.
As the songs of the film are getting popular, Suri, thanking the listeners, said:"I think the credit goes to the good story, written by Chetan.
As a general rule, a good story or two lurk quietly behind every interesting collection.
I need to be the cheapest and the fastest." But I contend that stories have been effective communication tools for centuries because a good story has staying power.
There's no way around it: to tell a good story you need to practice and pay attention to what makes a good story.
A good story about Boro is a good story about Teesside.