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Emma, in good spirits too, from the amusement afforded her mind by the expectation of Mr.
And with regard to Anne's dislike of Bath, she considered it as a prejudice and mistake arising, first, from the circumstance of her having been three years at school there, after her mother's death; and secondly, from her happening to be not in perfectly good spirits the only winter which she had afterwards spent there with herself.
The merriment at the luncheon table had revived Emily's good spirits.
Every one of Lady Tresham's guests had accepted the hurried invitation, every one seemed in good spirits, and delighted at the opportunity of unrestrained conversation after several hours at the theatre.
The successful candidate must have a good spirit of team work and aptitude to adapt to the Cameroonian realities, the tender said.
Lambert said: "At any club I've been at there has always been a good spirit and a good harmony.
15 (ANI): After arriving in India for the limited-overs series, Australia skipper Steve Smith had expressed hope that the five-match ODI series beginning Sunday at the MA Chidambaram Stadium will be played in good spirit.
Father Michael Doyle, one of the priests almost turned away from the pub, said: "While we cannot endorse commercial products, the rebranding of a much-loved drink such as The Rev James to commemorate what has been an astounding worldwide response to a genuine and humorous mistake shows the good spirit in which Brains and the staff of the City Arms have also taken the recent event and attention.
The Finance Minister appreciated PBS team, census workers, and security personnel for their good spirit, hardwork and dedication in carrying out the process of census.
He's lost a pair of sunglasses and his camera - but apart from that he is still in very good spirit.
You can have team spirit, be of good spirit, or share a spirit of love, but that is not the same as being spiritual.
He said that the good spirit and dedication demonstrated in first phase should also be kept up in the second phase.
He highly appreciated the PBS team, census workers and security personnel for their good spirit, hard work and dedication in carrying out the process of census.
We do not all retire to our rooms after the meal; we try to play together, to work in a very good spirit and remain together as much as possible.