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a person's high standing among others

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Chickenstalker's far and wide, and never known but to its honest credit and its good report: when my widow's name stood over that door, Tugby, I knew him as a handsome, steady, manly, independent youth; I knew her as the sweetest-looking, sweetest-tempered girl, eyes ever saw; I knew her father (poor old creetur, he fell down from the steeple walking in his sleep, and killed himself), for the simplest, hardest-working, childest-hearted man, that ever drew the breath of life; and when I turn them out of house and home, may angels turn me out of Heaven.
Smith, for I wanted a steam launch, and I have heard good reports of the--Let me see, what is her name?"
"They are very serious matters but I've been presented with a good report.
Tracing where the proceeds of the transactions went, Aguirre said they received a really good report from the AMLC.
This pocket guide for those in business contains guidelines on elements of good business writing, creating a good report by defining objectives and structure, researching prior to writing the report, and using the right writing style and the right language.
AfricaAvenir will be screening the Namibian premiere of the now-unbanned controversial South African film "Of Good Report" at the Goethe-Centre.
"We're very proud to have received such a good report and we'll keep working hard to make it even better."
Mr Hardwick said: "This is a very good report. Frankland has had to deal with some very serious incidents in recent months.
"The government created a state commission, it prepared a good report, some arguments of the parliamentary commission were included.
Runcorn's reserve team manager Jay Maddock filed a good report and plans are in place for Lachlan to return to the club next season when he is eligible for senior action.
Good report: Carl Sargeant A group set up on social networking site Facebook showed yesterday about 200 people have confirmed they will attend.
POLICE cells in West Yorkshire have been given a good report.
McCarthy said: "I spoke to Steve McClaren the other day and he gave him (Dzeko) a really good report.
PDSH refused Parliament Speaker Trajko Veljanoski's request to return to Parliament to meet the criteria for a good report on Macedonia from the EC.