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"You don't have to be a good person, as long as you do good things," Corenswet's River responds.
So are there other, more fundamental reasons to think that being a good person is necessary for a good friendship?
LIKEWISE, if one good person opposes evil people, then evil's losses may be blocked.
Augustine said his brother was a hardworking man, adding 'He was a good person. He did not segregate.
Write: View, Record, One Quay, Glasgow Fax: 0141 309 Even if it's only being a good person.
Billy has a lot to say about that.A linguist and fluent Slovak speaker, Billy is a good person to ask about the Slovak language, but also about how to obtain Slovak citizenship.
My memories of him are of such a good person, such a good person.
Whereas being publicly named as 'good person' can have benefits such as getting discounts on energy bills, being able to rent things without deposits, and getting better interest rates at banks.
The candidate must be a good person and accepted by all leaders in PH, he said and expressed confidence that a decision on the candidate would be made soon.
Niasse said at the time: "He's a good person, and when you are a good person life smiles at you.
He said Rajab Ali Khan was a good person. PTI's MNA Shehryar Afridi has stated that Rajab Ali Khan had visited National Assembly despite illness.
Mother said I'm not lying because I'm a good person. But it's not because I'm a good person.
Here's a clue: paying big bucks for a signed footy shirt does not make you a good person if you're a horror the rest of the year.
Minaj, 34, finds strength in knowing she has been a good person throughout her life.