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While Chidi can't turn Michael into a good person in a short span of time, Eleanor believes that he can do it eventually.
Rafa is a good person, a gentleman and I met him many times in Italy.
If I should repeat it, a morally upright, good person will, or could, never tell a lie.
Even if one has served in prison, it does not mean that he or she became a good person.
GRAHAM Norton says he doesn't feel like a good person because he leads a selfish life and doesn't do a serious job.
Life means nothing if you can't be a good person; and a good person is one who necessarily proves himself to be good to others.
Says Bryan, "People of all ages care about being a good person and being a good person means behaving like a good person.
If the media were honestly looking for solutions to gun violence, they should have jumped on the San Antonio story to show the difference a good person with a gun can make.
He has great delivery and can nick a goal as well, he's an intelligent footballer, a good person to have around the place and a good acquisition.
A good person is someone who treats every single person - even an enemy - with compassion.
She said: "Lindsay is a good person so I want her to turn it around.
Summary: BEIRUT: Arab Tawhid Party leader Wi'am Wahhab said over the weekend that Prime Minister-designate Najib Mikati was "a distinguished and good person, but he does not represent ambitions for radical change.
Premier Racing director Martyn Spore says: "Because Kevan is on racecourses up and down the country almost every day, and also has plenty of contacts in both the corporate and betting worlds, we think he is a good person to get our name out there into the marketplace.
Why is Dracula a good person to take out to dinner?
I am being honest when I say Major General Al Merri is different, special and a good person.