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a place of especial strength

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Juozapas was away raking in the dump a good part of the time, and Elzbieta and Marija were hunting for more work.
But as our gentle reader may possibly have a better opinion of the young gentleman than her ladyship, and may even have some concern, should it be apprehended that, during this unhappy separation from Sophia, he took up his residence either at an inn, or in the street; we shall now give an account of his lodging, which was indeed in a very reputable house, and in a very good part of the town.
He would often persuade her to undertake his share of writing in addition to her own; nay, he would sometimes reward her with a hearty slap on the back, and protest that she was a devilish good fellow, a jolly dog, and so forth; all of which compliments Miss Sally would receive in entire good part and with perfect satisfaction.
This little chap had lived in my arms a good part of its small life, and often I could soothe away its troubles and get it to laugh through the tear-dews on its eye- lashes when even its mother couldn't.
He had contemplated a good part of the performance before he contributed his bit of variety to it.
"There is no occasion, senor, for wasting time or money on making that countenance," said Sancho; "for all that need be done is for your worship to show your own, face to face, to those who look at you, and without anything more, either image or shield, they will call you 'Him of the Rueful Countenance' and believe me I am telling you the truth, for I assure you, senor (and in good part be it said), hunger and the loss of your grinders have given you such an ill-favoured face that, as I say, the rueful picture may be very well spared."
As someone who has spent a good part of her life visiting the area, I request the provincial government to fix this city up.
"There is a second option, to invest fresh capital not in the bank, but the good part, the serviced loans, the deposits, the network, and the staff," he said.
Lexie West, 12, of Guisborough, a pupil at Thompson Schools of Ballet, said: "I am so excited to be offered such a good part in the production.
Behind this option stands not only marginal party but also a good part of the Gruevist structure is hiding there.
Participants were asked to read the seven items (Table 1) and to indicate "how much of the time the statement describes how you have been feeling during the past week." Possible responses were "none or a little of the time, some of the time, a good part of the time, most or all of the time" and were scored 1 through 4, respectively.
Jim Phelan (Harvard MA), co-owner of Burkart-Phelan Inc., spends a good part of each year in China overseeing flute manufacturing.
Furthermore, the island`s second largest bank, Cyprus Popular Bank, is wound down and its good part (loans and deposits below e1/4100,000) is folded in Bank of Cyprus (BoC).
Earthly Powers is a wonderfully comic and erudite novel that manages to cover a good part of twentieth-century Western history.
Her work goes unnoticed, but she plays a good part in the community - without her help there would be thousands of unwanted cats.