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a person's high standing among others

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But while I was in the city, uncertain what to do, as I could not find Don Fernando, I heard notice given by the public crier offering a great reward to anyone who should find me, and giving the particulars of my age and of the very dress I wore; and I heard it said that the lad who came with me had taken me away from my father's house; a thing that cut me to the heart, showing how low my good name had fallen, since it was not enough that I should lose it by my flight, but they must add with whom I had fled, and that one so much beneath me and so unworthy of my consideration.
He added that both academies have produced several karate players which have earned a good name for the not only the tribal areas but for the entire country as well.
PARIS -- The Ambassador of Pakistan to France Moin ul Haque has said that holding of various sports and cultural activities by the Pakistani Community in France is earning good name for the Pakistani community and for Pakistan.
Both of them are in good form and eager to bring good name for their country," he added.
To restore my good name, I plan to file lawsuits in the courts in New York and Tbilisi.
Having failed to protect children from their vile paedophiles they then sought to protect their assets and their good name.
It was after Charles met Mrs Quinney and her daughter Jo that he said: "George - a very good name.
Place to ministry and to do what we can to restore his good name.
Heineken USA announced today the launch of a new advertising campaign with the theme "Give Yourself a Good Name.
Over the years, Carrillo's has enjoyed a good name and drawn in high-profile customers such as U.
The objective of this Bill is simply to protect the reputation and good name of individual who is no longer able to defend him/herself," said Senator Leyden speaking from his home in Co.
Sports minister Richard Caborn said that with gambling ever more easily available, particularly through the internet, it was vital to stop cheats from "dragging the good name of sport through the mud".
The result is that Smith, with only his good name and morals behind him, decides to partake in a filibuster on the Senate floor in opposition of the works bill.
THE headmaster of my secondary school reminded the pupils virtually every day that they had to uphold the good name of the school.