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a person's high standing among others

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If she starts right, puts her terms high enough, and gets a few good names to give her the entr,e into our first families, I don't doubt she will do nicely, for I must say Polly has the manners of a lady," observed Mrs.
That because she was an inner member and therefore bound to implicit obedience that she was dragged away from her husband, kept apart from him against her will, forced into endeavours to make a fool of Brott even at the cost of her good name.
A great clamor now ensued, but the most clamorous was the party from across the river, whose jealousy of their good name now prompted them to the most vociferous vindications of their innocence.
There's a good name before it, too, you will observe.
We were not in a grand way of business, but we had a good name, and worked for our profits, and did very well.
Well, by this time he began to be sensible of his mistake; and having alarmed all the women on that side of the water, he went over to Ratcliff, and got access to some of the ladies there; but though the young women there too were, according to the fate of the day, pretty willing to be asked, yet such was his ill-luck, that his character followed him over the water and his good name was much the same there as it was on our side; so that though he might have had wives enough, yet it did not happen among the women that had good fortunes, which was what he wanted.
Didn't I change you off, en give you a good fambly en a good name, en made you a white gen'l'man en rich, wid store clothes on--en what did I git for it?
A very good name," said Marlow looking at him approvingly.
I say so," continued Don Quixote, "because I hate taking away anyone's good name.
I will marry you--if you still wish it--when my good name is restored to me.
I am concerned but for the good name of the Tremolino, and I affirm that a ship is ever guiltless of the sins, transgressions, and follies of her men.
There is not one of his tenants or servants but will give him a good name.
Well, it is all right; and your mother has shown a very proper regard for the good name of the family with which she connected herself.
Telemachus answered boldly, for Minerva had given him courage to ask about his father and get himself a good name.
You do care for your bosom friend's good name, and you do care for her peace of mind.