good luck charm

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something believed to bring good luck

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THERE are innumerable good luck charms available, some quite ordinary while others are made of the finest jewels and set in gold.
Instruct each student to use the tools they can find (or have brought in) to carve the good luck charm their tribe needs.
The unidentified man did not know its value and kept it as a good luck charm in his rundown wooden home.
With a good luck charm he had given to a sick child back in his pocket, Brazilian Tony Kanaan won his first Indianapolis 500 on Sunday to end a decade of disappointment at the famed Brickyard.
The good luck charm will be offered free of charge to the first 200 buyers of a 13-registered Alfa Romeo.
ALBUMS Various 1962 British Hit Parade - Part 1: January to June A FIVE disc set that includes Chubby Checker's The Twist, Elvis's Follow That Dream and Good Luck Charm, The Everly Brothers' Crying in the Rain and er.
City fans are hoping the player will be their Good Luck Charm too after being on the winning side for his debut last Saturday at the Ricoh.
Dad John said: "I usually just show the kids photos when I come home so I was very proud to show Jake what a pike looks like first hand and now I think he is a good luck charm.
Archeologists from Newcastle's Hancock Museum said they believed the tooth may have been used as a good luck charm by a Stone Age hunter - gatherer.
09pm can see Jenni March's Good Luck Charm extend her winning streak at the track to four.
Including instructional details of objects and innovations such as a Long-Handled Watering Wand, fashioning a Flashy Scarecrow, and making a Twig Tower in a pot, to making a Light Box from a drawer, weaving a wheat Good Luck Charm, and building a Rock Swale, Easy Garden Projects is an invaluable and practical "how to" reference.
Perhaps most important, Anna had her good luck charm, named ``Joe,'' a rubber snake she bought at Disneyland.
Sir Alex Ferguson will cling to every good luck charm available tonight and pray his team come through their Champions League encounter with Sparta Prague unscathed.
She turned out to be his good luck charm outplaying nine other contestants in Aces High to get to the big wheel.
There's no Good Luck Charm that can revive his fortunes before the general election in May 2015.