good humour

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Philip's comment was taken in good humour by Nusrat Zamir, a trustee of the Chadwell Heath Community Centre, the Queen and Duke's first stop during their tour of the London Borough of Barking and Dagenham to mark its 50th anniversary.
Last week Philip looked annoyed as he uttered a fourletter rebuke to an RAF photographer during a photocall with Battle of Britain veterans, but he was in good humour and a mischievous mood during the trip to east London.
I have been superbly looked after from the start and, having never been an in-patient, am in awe of the dedication and good humour emanating from all staff members.
What's more, at most meetings he knew more about racegoers' needs and wants than the rest of the room put together and all his inputs were provided with good humour and self-deprecation.
Katie Piper faces her future with hope, good humour and features that had to be completely rebuilt after an ex-boyfriend arranged to have acid thrown in her face.
Thanks to everyone who supported us - and to Mr Paxman for his good humour, on and off the set," said Mr Guttenplan last night.