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In Frank's honor the family wanted to do something nice for the community and bring "Good Humor" ice cream truck memories to other residents.
First there was the Good Humor Bar, a smooth block of vanilla ice cream coated with a crisp layer of chocolate.
The seemingly effortless manner in which Huffner conducts such an intense work schedule, as well as the outward sense of good humor he seems always ready to display, are things Huffner says stem from a philosophy he received from his father and one which is based in part on the teachings from the famous personal success book by Napoleon Hill "Think and Grow Rich." Those tenets and advice he received have made an obvious impression and he says are responsible for his success in the real estate industry.
"Our deliberations have been enriched by his keen insights, his good humor, and his lively mind."
But when she had the good humor to attend the annual Razzie Awards show--something very few "honorees" have ever done--to claim her Worst Actress trophy for Catwoman, our adoration knew no bounds.
We're all about good humor, but comments that stereotype just aren't funny.
In Excerpts from the Universal Lab (good humor), 2004, the artist assembles a kunstkammer of scientific rubbish, a collection of thousands of decades-old out-moded materials from the University of Chicago labs.
"The ads featured during the show are 'buzz' ads that require a real creative flair, and typically good humor and excellent effects."
Armed with good humor and lots of insect repellant, a group of Cornell University students, staff; faculty and assorted herpetologists spent last summer building a "toad tunnel" to allow amphibians safe passage across a preserve near campus.
As my grandfather commuted to whatever city job he could find, my grandmother--city-born and -bred--performed the hard labor and raised three children with, I'm told, unfailing good humor. "You did what you had to do to survive," she once told me.
Plus, to see sports medicine cardiologists go at each other tooth and nail is just priceless." His good humor and genuine enthusiasm are never far away from one another.
Three Illinois superintendents share advice and good humor Oil what works and what doesn't ill education leadership.
Linda's fortitude and forthrightness, her good humor and quiet grace, her courage show all of us --in government or the private sector--that, despite the challenges they face, they can succeed and make a meaningful contribution.
Throughout the collection, the prevailing tone is one of good humor, an appreciation that the pursuit of love impels forward through the entanglements of misunderstanding and the frustration of missed or incomplete communication.
Readers interested in knowing where high technology is heading should take a look it's full of good humor and entertaining anecdotes.