good guy

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any person who is on your side

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Sexual selectionBad boys are still having a field day, and good guys are still finishing last.
But "the good guy with a gun" archetype dates to long before LaPierre's 2012 press conference.
But today, in 2018, many of your fellow human beings have a very different idea of what constitutes a good guy.
The logical conclusion that follows from the Good Guy thesis is that every Good Guy should be armed against any potential Bad Guy.
"He's a good guy and we're trying to do the same thing as last season and really push on and create chances.
Lapid's character is technically not a good guy, but even he is tricked?
And it can be hard to tell the good guy from the bad.
I know neighbours want to wish much success a good guy pleased he "He is already in the city, isn't he?
"They have so many good people there behind the scenes, like (technical director) Dan Ashworth who is a good guy who wants to do it the right way in terms of putting all the things in place for the team to succeed.
The good guy guaranty is just one of those documents that, if not carefully, negotiated can sink the unsuspecting guarantor.
Luke Skywalker was always the most uninteresting character in Star Wars because he's the good guy. Good guys are boring.
What I can say about what Elmo and I had before, alam niyo na iyon, he was a very good guy to me and he still continues to be a good person to me until now.
* My wife and I agree with Joan Chittister and Colman McCarthy, whose most recent articles challenge the statement from the National Rifle Association's Wayne LaPierre, "The only thing that stops a bad guy with a gun is a good guy with a gun."
However, her Morning Time finished last of four when last seen and he may struggle to hold The Good Guy in the Handicap Chase at Musselburgh (1.40).
Is there a post office box or e-mail address to which I can send my "Good Guy" application?