good fortune

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a stroke of luck

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All delicious food is included in this meal, especially items that represent good fortune and abundance.
WThe good fortune at Cato Crane on Wednesday, at our auction, were the high prices we achieved on many of the 515 lots on offer that day.
I don't mean good fortune because I can now not worry about having to pay nursery bills.
I plan to investmy good fortune in the future of my two boys, Mohammed Ayman and Mohammed Amaan, and will use the money to pay for their education," said an excited Behlim.
Gingers and blondes came equal top, with the highest proportion of people who had good fortune.
It takes a very secure and generous person to be sincerely pleased for a friend's good fortune.
However, the comments of both councillors, one a former leader of the council, seem to suggest that having cleaner streets in Middlesbrough is not about consistent corporate and political leadership over a period of years, but is simply reliant on the good fortune of having a recently recruited, enthusiastic and energetic new Director for Environmental Services
We had the good fortune to be working with some very dedicated people, from Mayor Block and the Stafford Township Council to the members and staff of the Pinelands Commission," said Del Duca.
She is well aware of her good fortune and has reasons to be optimistic: Beginning with sales of just US$2,000 a year, hungry Hondurans and foreigners today gobble down $40,000 annually today.
Bamboo and rubber plants represent good fortune, making them good office plants.
President Ravalomanana's care, along with that of scientists and conservationists from Madagascar and beyond, is likely to bring good fortune to the aye-aye.
Birmingham had Ilona Barattin, a 23-year-old assistant manager at the restaurant, to thank for her good fortune.
Bella Lewitzky was without question one of the greatest dancers I have ever had the good fortune to experience.
When the people of Nyang'oma, Kenya, speak of good fortune coming their way now that Barack Obama has won a seat in the U.
He was a hero who often used trickery to bring good fortune or to cause mischief.