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A good example is that we have two or three players playing in the Premier League on any weekend, and three or four in the Championship - that's where the fragility lies," said O'Neill (below).
He is a professional who is held in high regard by other managers and should set a good example.
Live football ITV, 8pm SCOTLAND manager Gordon Strachan is known for setting a good example to players, writes Graham Woods.
The Artemis global energy fund is a good example of how to (potentially) benefit from investing in energy-themed strategies.
By Nawab Khan (with photos) BRUSSELS, May 2 (KUNA) -- Turkey is a good example to be followed by the Arab and Muslim world for the development of democracy and economic progress, according to James Harrington, Director of the Texas Civil Rights Project and a professor at the University of Texas Law School.
You can increase your influence exponentially by adding good example to your good counsel.
It's about time that young mums were shown a good example by a Hollywood star.
I may be called "old-fashioned" but I really do believe that these so called "idols" have a duty to be a good example to their "followers.
It's a good example that college teammates don't always drift apart after college.
The GP said Tanaiste Mary Harney, who is also Health Minister, should follow her good example.
It's a good example of the way in which Dole-Recio reconfigures the DNA strands of modernism, emphasizing the "new" in "renewal.
Covering both how to amass sufficient wealth and how to install good financial sense in one's children so that they use their inheritance wisely, Help Your Kids Become Millionaires includes chapters on everything from instilling a healthy respect for mathematics to the pros and cons of investing, when to hire financial professionals, the importance of setting a good example early, and much more.
Sappi, Shinmoorim, and an investment firm--is a good example of the joint ventures common in the Chinese paper industry that bring in foreign capital while maintaining control in Chinese hands.
A good example of compensatory damages is the loss of rental income which the owner expected to derive once the project was finished.