good enough

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adequately good for the circumstances

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And not good enough for the players themselves, who know better than anyone that they are selling the club short.
In this case, good enough is exactly that: Good enough, with no valid reason to ask or pay for better.
Is best-effort service good enough to support time-sensitive traffic?
So what would have been good enough for Chelsea and for Juventus, is good enough for Bradford.
If the work is good enough, it hardly needs such legitimation, while if the ideas are good enough their pedigree need only be quietly footnoted.
The Good Enough Catholic intends to address the most crucial and elemental aspects of living out Catholicism in its new form.
As a father," writes Blankenhorn, "the Good Family Man is not perfect, but he is good enough to be irreplaceable.
Rugar realized that current technology wasn't yet good enough to permit detection of the tiny magnetic effect due to a proton or a single atomic nucleus.
So give 'em a nudge with features good enough to appear in their favorite magazines.
NEWCASTLE United have been handed a stark reminder their squad is not big enough, good enough, or strong enough by former hero Steve Howey.
STEVEN agonising Champions League exit and admitted: "We haven't been good enough.
IF it's good enough for Alloa, it's good enough for Bayern Munich.
I know that a lot of them weren't too happy at the fact that we didn't get more players in the summer, but this is our opportunity to show that we're good enough.
If he's good enough for Villa and Everton, surely he must be good enough for Blues?