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(old-fashioned slang) a good person

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The advice by Good Egg Car Safety is backed by the Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents (RoSPA).
Good Egg Safety is running a national initiative this summer with the Good Morning Britain television programme to raise awareness of common fitting errors and how to rectify them to improve in-car child safety.
I'll be hoping that Okafranca, a Lazarus of the season, wins the first at Ascot for that good egg Jim Old, and that Princeton Plains wins The Ladbroke for another good egg, Eddie Harty.
a true friend is sm1 who thinks ur a good egg, evn tho he knows ur slightly cracked
And who better to host the whole affair than family man and all-round good egg, Phillip Schofield?
And whether you're a royalist or a republican, no-one can deny that Elizabeth II is a jolly good egg.
This years European Awards were the biggest yet for Compassion in World Farming, who presented awards in three categories: the Good Egg, Good Chicken and, new for 2011, the Good Dairy Award.
Waitrose was named Most Compassionate Supermarket For Animal Welfare for the second year in a row, and Ocado was the only major grocer to win a Good Egg Award.
That encouragement includes asking consumers to join the fight against hunger by taking the Good Egg Project pledge on GoodEggProject.
Moore tells Marie Claire in its April issue that her now rocker husband is "a good egg.
This beautiful woman is a triple threat -- an old-fashioned bombshell and, like my mom would say, a good egg," said Tom Rothman, chairman and chief executive of Fox Filmed Entertainment.
He built sets, ran props, light board--everything--and was a good egg about it.
Compassion has run its flagship scheme, the Good Egg Award, since 2007 to celebrate organisations, like Food & More, that source only cage-free eggs.
My friends all think I am a good egg even though I am slightly cracked" - Edwina Currie.