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Just last week we had a woman in arrears who was offered a good deal from her bank but she couldn't understand the terms so she didn't sign documents and ended up in court facing repossession, which could have been avoided.
At first glance, it was a good deal for working families but he did what Tory chancellors always do in the end - he gave with one hand and took away with the other.
e way you ask certain questions can make a real di erence when clinching a good deal, said Shane Teskey, HPI's senior consumer services manager.
Terry Lobel, Managing Director of Worldline Iberia, stated: "The alliance with Good Deal significantly reinforces our customer loyalty solution portfolio, which traditionally has been one of the strong suits of our service offers.
A study has shown that Indians, especially the poor in the nation, are not getting good deals from the government.
That's how we really are in every position - if we can do a very good deal then I don't think you should wait until you have the problem.
He said: "There is going to be a good deal of dry weather and temperatures are going to be up from what we have had, and certainly in the mid to high teens.
On the contrary, it seems that getting a good deal is now a social activity, with 44% of us sharing discounts with our friends and 7% even competing who can save most.
The conman says he can offer a good deal because he has to make a hasty exit from Britain.
The question is: was it a good deal for those who are mandated by law to pay for this - the taxpayers?
Las Vegas, Orlando and Hawaii are hurting for visitors, and that means a good deal for you.
We got a good deal for Jay considering he would have gone for nothing in the summer and that money is going straight back into the pot," he said.
Three days later--after running afoul of a berserk robot, engaging in hand-to-hand combat with Nagi's pet tiger, and being forced to model a pretty sailor dress-the Yakuza are starting to look like a pretty good deal.
A refinancing deal for the M6 Toll which saw its owners make almost pounds 400 million profit was yesterday described as "a good deal for taxpayers and a good deal for motorists" by the Transport Secretary.
Economic scenarios differ from counterfactual history in being concerned with the future rather than the past; and the time span of a potential dollar crisis is a good deal shorter than some of the corporate exercises which stretch ahead for decades and quarter centuries.