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Synonyms for cheer

Synonyms for cheer

a condition of supreme well-being and good spirits

to give great or keen pleasure to

to impart strength and confidence to

to impart courage, inspiration, and resolution to

to express approval, especially by clapping

Synonyms for cheer

a cry or shout of approval

give encouragement to

show approval or good wishes by shouting

cause (somebody) to feel happier or more cheerful

spur on or encourage especially by cheers and shouts

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Christmas of 1923 approached with Magpie and Black Cat wishing each other good cheer.
What appeared to be a fundamentally boring Budget last time did in fact contain the odd nugget of good cheer here and there.
STAFF at Purity Brewing Company, based near Alcester, are full of good cheer after the company won a top Heart of England Fine Foods award.
To say "Thank You", the family Zola descended the next night, bringing with them gifts, good cheer and, most generously of all, an offer to take the neighbour's young son outside for a kickabout.
The church bells are ringing their Easter good cheer.
These residents are happy to be in their new homes, but then right under our noses, there are (some out there) foiling our good cheer,'' she said.
A woman of great energy and good cheer, Dunning reflects on the painful scene in Crenshaw on the drive back to her office in Marks.
Local Florists Nationwide Help Spread Kindness and Good Cheer to Local Communities
Well what do you know it's almost here I mean Christmas time so be of good cheer Get those decorations; hand them with glee Get the crackers and tinsel; light up the tree.
GOOD CHEER The PM has pledged to help struggling families
We're branded as a family-friendly town and things like this bring good cheer.
Unfortunately, director Evan Weinstein is determined to pound the audience with good cheer, and he runs roughshod over the play's more poignant moments: We have no time to absorb the stunning reversal in the last seconds of the play before the company returns for a feel-good reprisal.
Everyone was in good cheer and we think we got around 4,000 people through the gates.
And for an extra touch of good cheer, the purchase includes a donation to go towards helping Caymanian elementary school children learn about their natural environment.
Meanwhile I spotted a couple of elves in Woolworths and, imbued with good cheer,'ho, ho, ho'd'tothem on the way out.