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Synonyms for cheer

Synonyms for cheer

a condition of supreme well-being and good spirits

to give great or keen pleasure to

to impart strength and confidence to

to impart courage, inspiration, and resolution to

to express approval, especially by clapping

Synonyms for cheer

a cry or shout of approval

give encouragement to

show approval or good wishes by shouting

cause (somebody) to feel happier or more cheerful

spur on or encourage especially by cheers and shouts

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Iridescent is Counter Culture's effort to complete the cycle of good work, good cheer, and great coffee.
The good cheer we get from the Foreign Secretary is fantastic.
There certainly will be a good cheer to go around as, apart from the great artwork, there will also be home made snacks and mulled wine to help fight the cold.
Instead of spending lots of money with the Post Office on stamps, instead of buying Christmas Cards which only give typically 1p/card to charity, I can give the amount I save directly to selected charities, and send you just as much good cheer.
Kate added that in due course there will be a memorial filled with song and good cheer, as O'Toole would have wished.
THE season of good cheer is upon us once again and the high streets are decked with lights.
Sir Mervyn King, governor of the Bank of England, said, 'By spreading happiness and good cheer the games have made us all feel better.
The Edinburgh side will be desperate for good cheer having hit a poor run of form in the SPL.
Her owner Allison is devastated, but Allison's mother suggests that perhaps Ribbon can become a Therapy Dog, who brings good cheer to patients in hospitals, rehab centers, and nursing homes.
Everywhere I go, hope and good cheer follow in my wake.
Being out of Europe could be a blessing in disguise for Blackburn because it means they will be fresh and in good cheer given the fine form they are showing.
Makuakane's San Francisco-based company, Na Lei Huku I Ka Wekiu (translation: "the many feathered wreaths at the summit, held in high esteem"), dispenses joy through its elaborate costumes, its shameless use of pop music, the softly molded intricacy of its ensemble movement, and its disarming good cheer.
A lighthearted guide extolling the physical and emotional health benefits of good cheer, A Mirthful Spirit offers such useful tips as "Use Ice Breakers and Attention Getters--Humor serves as a great way to break the ice and grab attention at meetings and during conversations.
We gather with friends and family, surrounded with food and good cheer.
She smiles politely, but maybe she doesn't need my good cheer just yet.