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testimony by someone who should know

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However, at this stage two things need to be looked at firstly, the railway ministry needs to employ competent technical staff that can say (with good authority) that under the current circumstances to revive the KCR project is not feasible.
He added: 'We have it on good authority that the so-called leader is trying hard to secure the trust of APC National Working Committee in order to be considered for the 2020 gubernatorial ticket having been allegedly deprived of it in 2016.'
Pat Cook added: "We are so grateful to Glebe House for this Hedgehog House, I have it on good authority that the local Hedgehog Council is set to give it a five beetle rating."
But we have it on good authority that she has gotten divorced from her civil; servant husband.
I have it on good authority that the Chinese have been knocking on the Airbus door for some time with a view to building Airbus wings in China.
Well, I have it on good authority that, even as we speak, Mrs Mourinho is licking her finger as she leafs through the latest winter-sun brochures.
We have it on good authority that Santa reads the paper.
Under the good authority of the governor, we decided to bring back the inmates' visiting rights...
"I got from a very good authority, a very good authority -- that LeBron James will never be a Clipper," said Wise.
Lee Haynes, 24, pleaded not guilty to possessing a blade in public without good authority.
The challenge now for the former Chelsea coach will be to win over the United faithful and I have it on good authority he intends to visit the Far East as soon as possible.
All those years ago when I wrote my original letter, I had it on good authority from the owner of a building firm that they knew the correct pronunciation, but made a conscious decision to call it "BarWick" as it sounded posh.
He or she must be a figure with good authority and knowledge and EU institutions," said Oresharski.
However, I have it on good authority that three such meetings did in fact take place.
We have it on good authority that it is not a duvet but a vintage gown from French designer Thierry Mugler.