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the pus-producing bacterium that causes gonorrhea

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* Gram stain: Looking for the gonococcus under a microscope, used primarily in males with gonorrhea of the penis (this test does not work well in females or for infections of the rectum or throat and is not available in every office).
The ineffective immune response against gonococcus is multifactorial.
The most common were abnormal vaginal microflora (bacterial vaginosis) (43.1%), cervicitis (Chlamydia and gonococcus) (17.0%), vulvovaginitis (candidiasis and trichomoniasis) (17.0%) and vaginal ulcers (8.3%).
The important mechanism for the fluoroquinolone resistance in the gonococcus involves mutations in the analogous region of QRDR of gyrA and parC in Escherichia coli, which was first reported by Belland et al (9).
The last 60 years have witnessed the introduction of effective chemotherapy and, since then, the gonococcus has demonstrated remarkable powers of adaptation.
Number of Cases of Chlamydia and Gonorrhea for Both Assays and Each Sex(*) Chlamydia Gonococcus Male Female Male Female Both positive 116 39 25 6 BD false positive, Roche true negative 4 3 1 3 BD false negative, Roche true positive 6 2 0 0 BD inhibition, Roche negative 10 6 16 8 Roche false positive, BD true negative 10 7 7 6 Roche false negative, BD true positive 6 1 1 0 Roche inhibition, BD negative 1 10 1 13 Both negative 672 331 774 363 Total 825 399 825 399
Beta-lactamase producing, penicillin-resistant gonococcus. Lancet, 2, 656.
Nongonococcal urethritis, the most common sexually transmitted disease in men, is an inflammation of the urethra caused by anything but Gonococcus bacteria.
It's caused by a bacterium, gonococcus, which spreads via bodily fluids from the penis and vagina and is passed on during vaginal, anal oral sex.
Ecologic evidence from Cuba supports a decline in gonococcus infection after a nationwide OMV vaccine campaign in the 1980s (3).
This is because most cases of gonorrhoea and chlamydia are asymptomatic in MSM and the rate of cephalosporin-resistant gonococcus is higher than in heterosexual men and women.
Endocervical and urethral smear for gonococcus (Gram stain), and endocervical culture for gonococcus were negative in all pregnant women.
The gonococcus does this through its ability to undergo continual genomic mutation and internal recombination, even in the absence of antibiotic use or misuse.