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the pus-producing bacterium that causes gonorrhea

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The discharge results were negative for trichomonads and Gram-negative diplococci were not visible within phagocytes, direct microscopic fungi tests were negative, and cultures for general bacteria, gonococci, Ureaplasma urealyticum , and fungi showed negative results.
19) In the Asia-Pacific and European regions, for instance, gonococci have been observed to need increased concentrations of antibiotics to stop them multiplying.
The patients who were negative for Chlamydia and gonococci, were tested for HBS Ag, HCV Ab, HIV Ab.
In the last few years, a number of gonococci with decreased susceptibility or clinically significant resistance to fluoroquinolones including ciprofloxacin have been isolated all over the world (3-8).
28) Lee and Shafer (29) studied the resistance of gonococci to long-chain fatty acids and discovered that resistance was mediated by an efflux pump encoded by farAB (fatty acid resistance).
high rates of ciprofloxacin resistance in gonococci in South Africa).
Clinical algorithms for the screening of women for gonococci and chlamydia infection: evaluation of pregnant women and prostitutes in Zaire.
This is consistent with the very low levels of cervical chlamydia and gonococci that we consistently observe among older women in national and local prevalent monitoring data.
phenomena Lyme disease Poisonous oak Chemical burns Herpes simplex Gonococci derm Nodule erythema atitis-arthritis Diabetic ulcer Rocky mountain fever Warfarin poisoning Worm bites Stevens-Johnson Heparin poisoning syndrome Acarus bites Lymphomatoid Nodule papulosis periartheritis Tick bites Sporotrichosis Multiform erythema Wasp sting Adverse reactions Toxic epidermal to drugs necrolysis Fly bites Herpes zoster Pressure ulcers Bites by other Lymphomas Skin mycosis spiders Focal vasculitis Fulminant purpura Squamous cell Carcinoma Syphilitic chancre Anthrax Varicose ulcers Chickenpox Trauma Necrotizing fascitis Angioneurotic edema Skin lupus Erysipela erythematosus
The recent emergence of quinolone resistance among gonococci isolated in South Africa now threatens to undermine the success of the syndromic management approach to date.
In the gonococci, the chromosomally mediated expression of multiple resistance genes and the production of the penicillinase plasmid TEM-1 [beta]-lactamase are 2 independent mechanisms involved in a susceptible-to-resistant strain switch.
The peptide deformylase inhibitors have shown in vitro activity against Chiamydia species, gonococci, spirochetes, and Haemophilus ducreyi.
The appropriateness of these recommendations will be reassessed based on surveillance of the prevalence of fluoroquinolone-resistant gonococci.