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an examination of the front part of the eye to check the angle where the iris meets the cornea

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Successive supplies of drugs, cytostatics, dressing materials, enteral nutrition, infusion solutions, FLUID gonioscopy AND WAX BONE, including drugs covered by the Act of 12 MAJA 2011 r.
CHAPTER 5 OPHTHALMIC DIAGNOSTICS 64 OVERVIEW 64 TYPES OF DIAGNOSTIC TESTS 64 Visual Acuity Test 64 Dilated Eye Exam 64 Manifest Refraction 65 Pupil Reflex 65 Tonometry Test 65 Ophthalmoscopy 66 Gonioscopy 66 Slit Lamp Examinations 66 Fluorescein Staining 67 Eye Muscle Tests 67 Corneal Thickness 67 Pachymetry 67 Echography 68 PRODUCT DESCRIPTION 68 IMAGING DIAGNOSTICS 68 Optic Nerve Imaging and Related Imaging Technologies 68 Glaucoma-Scope 69 Fundus Cameras 69 Aberrometer 70 Echography and Ophthalmic Ultrasound 70 Corneal Topography 71 Fluorescein Angiography 72 Slit Lamp Photography 72 TABLE 17 SELECT CONDITIONS FOUND THROUGH SLIT LAMP PHOTOGRAPHY 72 Specular Microscopy 73 NONIMAGING DIAGNOSTICS 73 Tonometer 73 Ophthalmoscope 74
Early chapters review principles and indications of gonioscopy, while later chapters give steps for direct and indirect gonioscopy, slit lamp gonioscopy, and special gonioscopy techniques.
The angle of the anterior chamber can be assessed by performing gonioscopy.
The lens' small profile is equally useful for paediatric postoperative gonioscopy.
Gonioscopy, a clinical method of viewing the angle of the anterior chamber of the eye, is essential for this diagnosis.
Additional examinations include ophthalmoscopy, perimetry gonioscopy and visual field tests.
The remainder deals with physical examination skills, covering basic optics, subjective refraction, objective refraction, near refraction, motilities and alignment, slit lam biomicroscopy, gonioscopy, tonometry, and ophthalmoscopy.
Late diagnoses included angle recession by gonioscopy (3), hyphema-induced glaucoma (1), phacolytic glaucoma (1), choroidal rupture (1, identified after cataract removal), epiretinal membrane (1), late traumatic cataract (1) (Fig 2), and traumatic maculopathy (2).