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an examination of the front part of the eye to check the angle where the iris meets the cornea

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Birmingham Optical said that the Nidek GS-1 Gonioscope provides an opportunity for the routine use of gonioscopy in primary care optometry and could lead the way for new shared care schemes.
Teekhasaenee and Ritch [2] reported a success rate (IOP < 20 mmHg without medications) of 90.4% for combined phacoemulsification and GSL under a gonioscope in acute PACG eyes with a mean follow-up of 20.8 months.
Gonioscopy: Examination of part of the interior of the eye using an instrument called a gonioscope.
The appearance of SO microglobules in the chamber angle was determined via a gonioscope and an ultrasound biomicroscope (Figure 1).
As with a gonioscope, the concave lens (upon applanation of the cornea) negates the corneal power and allows for clear visualisation through the slit lamp optics of the ONH.
What was special about case 2 was that brown nodules in the iris and many pigment depositions were found in the trabecular meshwork in the corresponding place of the anterior synechia under a slit-lamp [Figure 1]g and gonioscope [Figure 1]h.
Gonioscopy: It was done by Goldman's three mirror gonioscope.
As part of the original clinical trial, all patients had undergone a comprehensive ophthalmic examination including refraction, Goldmann applanation tonometry, static and dynamic gonioscopy (manipulation) using a one-mirror Goldmann gonioscope [14, 15], slit-lamp examination, fundus examination, and automated perimetry (Humphrey Field Analyzer 750i, Carl Zeiss Meditec; Sita Fast strategy; and 24-2 threshold test).