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the craniometric point on either side at the apex of the lower jaw

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Pg-Go measurement describes the linear distance between gonion and pogonion providing the mandibular body length.
The temporomandibular joint of both sides are not independent of each other in function and peculiar type of synovial joint as the mouth opens and closes with the rotation of mandible around the terminal hinge axis of lower compartment as well as the transverse axis of the ramus as a result of the translation in the upper compartment of the joint with the protrusion of condyles and the retrusion of the gonion. [6]
* Mandibular length left/right (MLL/MLR) (summed distance between gnathion, mental foramen, gonion).
The extent of the facial swelling was determined by distances between pre-set landmarks; comissural abiorum- tragus, lateral canthus-gonion, and comissural abiorum- gonion (Figure).
The Jaffes also claim an unspecified ownership stake in the famed Gonion Collection of glass-plate negatives, which has drawn many competing claims.
Moreover, the length between pogonion (Pog) and gonion (Go) was 96.53 mm on the right side and 91.18 mm on the left.
Que el plano de Camper, determinado por la linea que une la parte media del trago y la parte media externa del ala de la nariz, senala con mucha aproximacion el plano de oclusion y que el plano mandibular establecido entre el punto gonion y el punto pogonion es un reparo natural facil de identificar.
RESULTADOS: El promedio en milimetros del espesor de los tejidos blandos de la cara sobre los puntos craneometricos es el siguiente: Metopion (3.4), Glabela (3.7), Nasion (3.8), rinon (2.7), Midphiltrum (7.7), Prosthium (7.7.), Infradentale (7.4.), Supramental (6.9.), Pogonion (6.3), Gnation (4.4), Eminencia frontal (3.3.), Supraorbital (4.2), Infraorbital (4.4), Maxilar anterior (7.0), Orbital lateral (4.8), Zygion (4.8), Supraglenoidea (6.3), Gonion (6.1), SupraM2 (7.1), Linea oclusal (8.6), las anchuras faciales bicigomatica (139.2), bigoniaca (109.1), y Nasal (38.2) y de las alturas Nasal (49.4), Facial superior (72.7) y Facial total (117.4).
The body of the mandible extends posteriorly from the mental point to the gonion, or angle of the jaw.
(2004) where the cortical thickness was measured in the area formed by a line known as "best fit" drawn between the anterior margin of the ascending ramus in the region in front of gonion and the inferior margin of the mandible (Fig.