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direction finder that determines the angular direction of incoming radio signals

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Key words: goniometry, electrogoniometry, joint angle, range of motion, avian, barred owl, Strix varia
The Joint Goniometry application (version 2.1, Diomidis Papas via App Store) for smartphones was used in simple mode for the elbow ROM measurements.
Inter-variable correlation between study variables showed a significant (P<0.05) and inverse correlation between EMG and HP (high correlation) and between EMG and goniometry (average correlation).
LSA can be measured by goniometry, radiography, flexible rulers, software methods, spinal mouse and inclinometer.
AHP was measured on three axes using orthopedic goniometry.
In order to perform the functional balance of the patients, the perimetry and the measurement of joint mobility were used, as evaluation methods, by goniometry. An initial assessment was made at the admission of subjects prior to physical therapy and one after the last kinesiotherapy session before discharge.
AOA systems calculate the device position using goniometry. Here, the measuring units use directional antennas or antenna arrays to measure the angle of incoming signals sent by a device.
(Providence, RI) announces a new x-ray goniometry service that provides a complete lattice orientation of single crystals and is suitable for a wide variety of materials, regardless of size and weight.
(2007) compared two methods of digital goniometry and electronic digital inclinometer (EDI 320) in 42 healthy subjects.
They collected pain levels, joint stability, activity levels, and function in subjective aspects and objective functional assessments including goniometry, ultrasound imaging, three-dimensional motion analysis/conversion modeling of gait, and sit-stand.
Measures of active lumber spine range of motion can be obtained with a number of methods including visual observation, tape measure/ruler, goniometry, linear measures, and inclinometry.
Static contact angles of the samples were determined by contact angle goniometry at 25[degrees]C through imagecapture software by injecting a 2 [micro]L water drop.