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direction finder that determines the angular direction of incoming radio signals

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This therefore reserves the term intrarater reliability for situations where rater observation or judgement is required such as the use of a goniometer.
Goniometer reliability is generally good to excellent (r = 0.
A 3-axis motorized goniometer features continuously adjustable [sz]1 (-60[degrees] to 60[degrees]), [sz]2 (-60[degrees] to 60[degrees]), and e (-180[degrees] to 180[degrees]) angles.
the relationship of our measurement instrument to gold standard instruments such as the goniometer and a popular infrared camera-based plus passive markers motion analysis system [32-35].
Methods: KJAs were measured using a goniometer during the bilateral squat and forward step- up exercises in 4 men and 5 women volunteers.
A third application of Qwip technology is a joint Swedish-Norwegian tripod-mounted observation system that incorporates a Simrad LP-10 target locator and a Leica light goniometer, and for which an evaluation is underway (a Diehl M11-7 goniometer is also being considered).
The instrument uses a precision goniometer and has a Fourier-transform infrared (FTIR) spectrophotometer as a source.
Main features: market includes 5 additional services possible (technical options): O weighs 1: Platinum rotation of the sample for measurement of anisotropy o PSE2: high and low temperature cell o pse 3: probing for electro-optical characterization system o pse 4: motorized translation xy mapping o pse 5: motorized goniometer to change the angle of incidence of the beam each candidate may make a proposal for each of the potential additional benefits not required ()
The knee was maintained in a neutral status during bending from extension to 15[degrees], 30[degrees], 60[degrees], 90[degrees], and 120[degrees], as measured using a hand goniometer.
The efficacy endpoints for Ampion(TM) were pain perception as measured by the WOMAC pain scale and joint movement as measured by a goniometer.
The MicroRT[TM] Aligner's design allows users to quickly guide MicroRT[TM] capillary tubing over and past their crystal and onto a goniometer base with very little risk of crystal contact or damage.
Wide angle X-ray diffraction (WAXD) of the blends and the neat polymers were performed using PW 1820 goniometer (PHILIPS, Holland) at 20 kV and 20 mA with Cu k[alpha] ([lamda] = 0.
The contact angle measurement was performed on the Dataphysics OCA 30 goniometer, where on the prepared sample of the printing plate a drop of fountain solution with defined volume (2.
The angle signal during wrist extension was measured with an electronic goniometer (model XM110, Penny & Giles Biometrics, Ltd; Gwent, United Kingdom).
The launcher includes a tripod, a X3 magnification optical sight, an infra-red CCD camera goniometer and a guidance computer.