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Synonyms for gong

a percussion instrument consisting of a metal plate that is struck with a softheaded drumstick

a percussion instrument consisting of a set of tuned bells that are struck with a hammer

sound a gong

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Gong Cha stores in Singapore use Wirecard's payment technology at their in-store POS.
The seasoned actress took to Instagram Wednesday to greet Gong a happy birthday.
The (http://news.trust.org/item/20190617155514-p07b0/) latest finding by the China Tribunal reveals that "the practice was still taking plac." It said that imprisoned Falun Gong members are probably the 'principal source' of organs for forced harvesting.
On January 3, they were spotted at Taipei 101 stealing wallets from tourists, and that's when police apprehended Gong and Chen, though Li escaped and left Taiwan the same day, CNA reported.
The clip, originally uploaded toFacebookby Chantha Sitouluk, has been viewed nearly four million times and had generated quite the discussion, with a large number of people actually convinced it does it indeed show the infamous 'Gong Goi.'
But the entrepreneur, also known as Edward Gong, has now been forced to deny his success and influence was gained from an alleged $202 million pyramid scheme selling medicines in China.
The information from the cloned laptop, mobile phone and the oncamera interview with Gong were handed to Canadian police.
Ondigo's team will join the Gong.io team following this transaction.
"Any exercise, but qi gong especially, increases the circulation of your blood and qi," explains Master Tang.
In an interview with Xinhua News Agency Friday, Gong denounced the recent suicide attacks in Tanta and Alexandria and asserted China's condemnation of all forms of terrorism.
Over this weekend, Ania Shnyukova, an exponent of Chi Gong hailing from Ukraine, will be conducting an introduction and training workshop for those interested in acquiring strong energy, peace and a balance in life.
This new gong target is economical and durable, also.
Roger Gong, Country Manager, Egypt, TP-LINK Middle East
Since 1999, the Chinese Communist Party has waged war on Falun Gong -- a spiritual practice that combines exercise and meditation with a philosophy based on "truth, compassion and tolerance" -- imprisoning and torturing many of its practitioners.