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Synonyms for goner

a person in desperate straits


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Dan Jones thought twoyear-old Tian was a "goner" when a "stubborn" ewe barged him off a cliff into the sea.
spread, he was goner "As a proud supporter of the NHS he's loath to attack nurses but feels the hospital is chronically under-staffed.
David Schelske of West Linn told the Oregon Humane Society that when 3-year-old Sandy bounded around a bend and disappeared he figured her for a goner.
TEENAGE cancer victim Stephen Sutton "thought he was a goner" when he had his photograph taken with his thumbs up in his hospital bed, according to his mother.
A CYCLIST who was floored in a freak accident involving a falling lamppost has told how he "thought he was a goner".
Anyone unlucky enough to be in its way will be a goner.
Two weeks ago I thought she was a goner but now she could go the distance.
Coral's Gary Burton said: "Kris looked a goner when punters were taking the 1-14 and 1-20 early in the week, but all the later money has been for Marcus."
Rhode had offered a $5,000 reward-though she figured the scattergun was probably a goner. As Rhode told the Associated Press, "you think, 'twenty years from now, I might get it back, I'm relieved to have it back, and that all that history wasn't demolished.
Eventually he got the mower up and running, but I'm pretty sure the shop vacuum was a goner.
In America Alone, Steyn claims that Europe is almost certainly a goner, and that America is the world's last, best hope for freedom.
You will learn the hacker's perspective on security holes; more than 170 new vulnerabilities and exploits; advanced discovery techniques; a crash course in C for compiling hacker tools and vulnerability scanners; malicious code coverage of Myparty, Goner, Sircam, Bad Trans, Nimda, Code Red I/II, and much more.
He thought he was a goner but Khit managed to smash the patio doors open and they swam out.
Bush could be a goner. If instead the global terrorist threat is screaming from the headlines throughout October (and George Bush appears presidential during the debates), John Kerry loses, again probably by a larger margin than expected.
"I told myself that I was a goner. 'This is it, Ruthie.