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a (Venetian) boatman who propels a gondola


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Other gondoliers resent Hai, pointing out that she failed four licensing tests.
Theatre boss Harry Crosbie, who also owns the Point Theatre, said his gondolier would have to have a good voice.
Silvano said: 'I liked the thought of it at the time, but I had no idea he was considering me to be the gondolier.
The first female gondolier in Venice will be someone else.
Last month, she took her final exam to join the elite, become a first- class gondolier like 400 others.
In describing the revolt against the prospect of death that permeates virtually all of society, Glissenti presents dialogues among interlocutors drawn from the gamut of professional types in Venice, including among others a Philosopher, Courtier, Captain, Farmer, Butcher, Servant, Beggar, Lawyer, Gondolier, and Actress.
TODAY'S TIP: Private gondola rides in Venice are incredibly expensive - over 80 euros for half an hour so why not enjoy a ride in exactly the same kind of vessel, steered by a real Venetian gondolier for just a euro or so?
Venetian gondolier Silvio Crea recently made the trip from Italy to the West Midlands to teach a team from the restaurant how to use the boat in style.
Trendy Brighton beach; The sun sets over the Taj Mahal; Narrow boat on the Oxford canal; A gondolier in beautiful Venice; Warm waters of the Blue Lagoon in Reykjavik; Prague's majestic skyline
Five tenors are required: Bruce Ford made a splendidly heroic Otello; Octavio Arevalo was the aptly villainous Iago; Juan Diego Flore scaled amazing vocal heights as Rodrigo; Robin Leggate made a dignified Doge; and Timothy Robinson sang the off-stage Gondolier and a servant, Lucio.
Gondolier Rowed a Popcorn-filled Gondola on the Missouri River To Raise Awareness of the Start of Boy Scouts Popcorn Sales
Thus, when the pair of Venetian gondolier brothers improbably become joint king of the realm of Barataria, they contrive to run it as a monarchy on strict republican principles.
The gallery has acquired Crazy Gondolier (1960), pictured, by Alan Davie following a pounds 30,000 donation from the Derek Williams Trust and a further pounds 20,000 from The Art Fund, the UK independent art charity.
A MUM of two ended 900 years of male dominance on the canals of Venice when she became the first woman gondolier.
QWE have 14 Royal Doulton character jugs, including Old Salt, Captain Cuttle, the Gondolier and the miniature Gladiator.