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a (Venetian) boatman who propels a gondola


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For more information regarding sponsorship or sponsorship registration please visit the Gondolier Boosters website[www.
He paid off his gondolier and, stiffening his spine, trod with a lordly air up the green-stained steps to the tall, carved doors.
For more than a thousand years, Venice has had gondolas--the long, narrow boats that serve as taxis on the city's canals--but never a female gondolier.
A POSH theatre is making waves with a wacky plan to hire Ireland's first full - time GONDOLIER.
But while it's always nice to feast your eyes on places like Venice and Florence, the gang of 10 adventurers included some very unappealing and arrogant individuals - not least Adrian the vicar, who referred to a gondolier as a "cretin".
Local Florida newspaper the Venice Gondolier recently reported that Sarasota County plans to purchase five new Ford Escape hybrid sport utility vehicles (SUVs) for use in the county fleet.
Venice-born Silvano Jaqubi claims he is England's first gondolier.
A WOMAN who tried to become Venice's first female gondolier has flunked the test for a third time.
Other "accidental adventures" include a Sumo wrestling lesson, a Texas cattle auction, and an ill-fated stint as a gondolier in Venice's Grand Canal, at the climax of which he comes face to face with the sea creature of the title.
AN American's hopes of becoming the first woman gondolier have been sunk.
In describing the revolt against the prospect of death that permeates virtually all of society, Glissenti presents dialogues among interlocutors drawn from the gamut of professional types in Venice, including among others a Philosopher, Courtier, Captain, Farmer, Butcher, Servant, Beggar, Lawyer, Gondolier, and Actress.
The gallery has acquired Crazy Gondolier (1960), pictured, by Alan Davie following a pounds 30,000 donation from the Derek Williams Trust and a further pounds 20,000 from The Art Fund, the UK independent art charity.
EVERYMAN'S SUMMER 2009 PROGRAMME THE GONDOLIERS Dates: Every day from tomorrow to Saturday, July 18, excluding Sunday 12 Tickets: pounds 11-pounds 15 This year's Gilbert and Sullivan operetta is the tale of a drunken gondolier who, many years ago, was entrusted with the care of a prince but mixed the boy up with his own son.
Those craggy mountains are actually crumbly cheese, that luscious grass is cabbage leaves, and the gondolier is a mushroom.
Venetian gondolier Silvio Crea recently made the trip from Italy to the West Midlands to teach a team from the restaurant how to use the boat in style.