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tall tropical American timber tree especially abundant in eastern Brazil

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Also known as tigerwood or zebrawood, goncalo alves is popular for specialty items, turnings and musical instruments, particularly guitars.
HEIGHT/WEIGHT: Goncalo alves ranges in height from 100 to 120 feet, with trunk diameters of 3-5 feet, depending on the growing area.
Goncalo alves grows plentifully in the forests of Mexico, Central America and in South American countries including Ecuador, Colombia, Venezuela and Brazil.
Two species are usually listed as sources for goncalo alves.
These properties lend it to utilitarian uses in the countries where goncalo alves grows.
Jim Dumas, president of Certainly Wood in East Aurora, NY, describes goncalo alves as extremely heavy.
market, goncalo alves is usually prized for its beauty.
But because it is a decorative wood which can have a very striking wavy, fiddleback or striped figure, goncalo alves is most often used in the United States for inlay work and small, specialty items.
Craftsmen and architectural woodworkers use goncalo alves as an accent wood for its sense of the dramatic.
On the negative side, goncalo alves can be hard to season.
The translation of the botanical name for goncalo alves is roughly star (astronium) with leaves like ash (Fraxinus).
With its "regal" looks and striped appearance, it is easy to see why Goncalo alves was often mistakenly called tigerwood, zebrawood and kingwood.
The names zebrawood, tigerwood, and kingwood have not been used as references for goncalo alves since the 1940s/1950s, he added
Certainly Wood carries supplies of goncalo alves in lumber and veneer, with veneer being the most requested form.
While goncalo alves is a striking wood, is does pose problems.