gonadotropic hormone

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At the beginning of the MC follicular phase, all women underwent hormone status testing on empty stomach for thyroid hormones, gonadotropic hormones, prolactin (PRL), ovarian steroid hormones and adrenal gland, insulin and biochemical analyses (glucose, urea, creatinine, cholesterol, triglycerides, liver transaminases, plasma iontophoresis).
The gonadotropic hormones are released from the pituitary in fish and control the annual cycle of gonadal growth, ovulation in females, sperm release in males, and production of sex steroids in both sexes [24,71].
An alternative management for secondary testicular failure had been validated by 1990: injecting "replacement" gonadotropic hormones was proved to restore testicular function.
Pituitary hormonal axes were tested, gonadal axis was severely affected with low gonadotropic hormones (Cause for secondary testicular atrophy) with low total testosterone, and thyroid axis was found preserved.