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a gland in which gametes (sex cells) are produced

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In brain and gonad of female, a slightly increase in Er[alpha] expression was observed after exposure to LET for 5d, but it decreased rapidly at all groups for 10d or 15d.
Differences in the frequency of parasitized and nonparasitized clams (prevalence) for each gonad development stage (rest, development, ripe, spawning, and spent) and season of the year were evaluated using a chi-square test ([chi square]).
In the gonad samples, the comparison in the concentrations of HMs among three species of fish where Pb levels ranged from 2.
brasiliensis gonad complex were identified based on the characteristics described by Miller (1992) in male Gobiidae as a testicular gland and by Asoh and Shapiro (1997) for G.
Quantification of the moisture, protein, lipid, carbohydrate and ash content of both the gonad were carried out following the methodologies described in the AOAC (2002).
A Diagnosis of Asymmetrical gonadal dysgenesis was made and advised for bilateral gonadectomy since chances for development of malignancy in gonads are very high.
Out of 81 ncRNAs varied significantly between control and Zinc stressed male gonad 57 of them were down-regulated up to 4.
The relationship of the oxidant (MDA) and antioxidant (GSH-Px) status in hepatopancreas, gonad and muscle tissues of sexually maturating A.
A segment from the mid-region of one lobe (either left or right, random choice, including lumen and gonad wall) was then cut and placed in a histology cassette and sent to a contracted laboratory for further processing.
Our objective in this study is to contribute to improve the management of mutton snapper caught by the artisan fishing fleet of Northeast Brazil, providing information about the sex structure, gonad development, spawning mode and seasonality of reproduction.
We used the fetal gonad organ culture system previously developed by our group coupled with morphologic, functional, and molecular methods (Lambrot et al.
The chromosomal sex determines what type of gonad develops in the embryo.
but, information on the impact of live food, pelleted feeds, or a mixed diet on growth, gonad development, and reproductive performance in tropical fishes are scanty.