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a gland in which gametes (sex cells) are produced

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Slides with 4-[micro]m-thick gonad sections were stained with Alcian blue-periodic acid Schiff for carbohydrate and Sudan black for lipid identification/quantification (Rodriguez-Jaramillo et al.
8) However, in patients with a nonpalpable testis, radiologic evidence of a close relationship between the missing gonad and the spleen may arouse the suspicion of the presence of this anomaly.
We provide the first information on the relationship between size, age, and stages of gonad development for channeled whelk and on the size and age at 50% maturity ([SM.
Histogenesis & Organogenesis of the gonads in human embryos.
Each human gonad was cut into small pieces of the same size.
We performed a retrospective study of pelvic radiographs of children between August 2003 and January 2004 to determine whether gonadal shields effectively protected the gonads during pelvic radiographs in pediatric patients.
Biopsies were not performed for 4 gonads: the left gonad of patients 1 and 7, and the right gonad of patients 2 and 4.
2006) studied gonad development and gametogenesis of wild Atrina pectinata in the South China Sea and South Korea, respectively.
GCTs, which are amongst the most common cancer in adolescents, usually affect the testes and the ovaries, or as they are collectively known - gonads.
A segment from the mid-region of one lobe (either left or right, random choice, including lumen and gonad wall) was then cut and placed in a histology cassette and sent to a contracted laboratory for further processing.
Although ambisexuality is widely displayed in teleost fishes and there have been numerous studies describing the sex change process in fishes, comparisons within and among species have been limited due to inconsistencies in gonad class description and terminology.
but, information on the impact of live food, pelleted feeds, or a mixed diet on growth, gonad development, and reproductive performance in tropical fishes are scanty.
Gonad gross morphology was assessed visually using a dissecting microscope with a maximum magnification of 630X.
The average gonad mass for females and males shows substantial increases from October of 2001 to March of 2002.